Thursday, August 27, 2009

My corner

Here is a pic of my corner in our Apartment... I call it my corner cuz its where I spend most of my time, besides in bed or in front of the TV and My work Mac is off to the right, and center is my laptop and on the PC monitor is the Rorshac mask from the Watchmen... yes that is Rorshac's mask, and its wearable like a ski mask so i will be sportin that this winter... This is a pretty hi-res pic, so click on it and have some fun findin cool shit like cloud from FF7 or the Hulk squeezin Iron Man, Captain jack Sparrow just chillin, and many other cool little tidbits layin around.. Not like I needed proof, but yes, I may be the biggest nerd alive on the planet... because this only the tip of the iceberg... the rest of the apartment, the nerd explosion gets even More proof that Anne is an extremely special person for loving me and living among all this shit.... have fun treaure hunting in the pic... be back later

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back.... again

Back again, after another long break, I know i'm a negligent ininspired dick... but nobody's perfect... Just been really hectic with random stuff, health shit and a whole lotta extra heaping of nothing to complicate my overly uncomplicated, strange life... Had a wonderful 42nd birthday, thanx to my incredible fiance', her family, a handful of friends, my family and Jinkers, the psycho ninja cat. Got tons of cool new shit, most of which will probly end up on here in pics, like some new toys, giant fuckin Godzilla feet slippers, and a buncha other weird shit... anyways, here is a doodle i started last nite, didnt hate it, so finished scartchin out this morning after takin my meds.. i know, the proportions are probly not perfect, and blah blah, but for some reason i sketched it, and i have no idea why the number 3 popped on her arm, but oh well life is weird like that... hopefully more sketches to come as long as i remain semi inspired and noting crazy good comes out on Xbox 360... lol... cya soon