Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black butterfly katana

Here is one of my favorite new obsessions, my katana with a very cool black butterfly tsuba... the tsuba is the part of the sword above the handle, which is mainly there to protect your fingers from the blade... I love this thing cuz its hand made and sharpened, and i got a really great price on it from a great little shop online called Check em out if you want great quality hand made swords at a really great price for the quality you get... Even the saya, which is the scabbard is beautifully polished black lacquered wood.. so i keep busy by buffing that shiny as hell and oiling and maintaining the blade on the sword... You see katanas all over the place in little shops in malls and stuff, but those are for display only, which this one displays nicely too, but this one is a real sword... the weight is perfect and the steel is flexible and hard at the same time, so i can cut shit in half really always wanted one of these to have like a real weapon in the house... and i got really lucky to find such a beautiful hand made piece at such a great price....

More toys... Love my toys

Here is the extension of my toy collection of the 2 shelves, check out the older posts to see those... and i really should take new pics of them cuz i have added aolt of new stuff to that collection too... But here are some brand new acquisitions i'm very proud of... my Dr. Who collection... Got the whole set of all 11 doctors and the companion set that even included K-9, one of my favorite lil robot sidekicks... Just recently i got a boxed set that included the Amy Pond figure which is what i was trying to get since its kinda rare now, and in that set came 2 Daleks and a Sontarren general among some others, which was very cool... Click on the pic to zoom in cuz all my pics on here are pretty hi-rez so you can see all the figures and details... in front is the Tardis, which is one of a few models available now, but that is the best one cuz it has all the sounds from the show and even interior and window lights which the other ones don't have.. so i was really lucky to stumble upon this one online, cuz its rare and getting even harder to get now

Monday, February 14, 2011

Custom Halo figure

Here is a custom halo figure i modified to match my online loadout i use, colors, etc... Yes that is a jetpack from Halo reach, which i'm still playing obsessively... My current goal is just to reach lt. colonel, and i'm halfway Marvel vs Capcom comes out tonight at midnight, which i'm goin to my local Gamestop which fortunately for me is across the street... so pickin it up at the midnight launch and will probly be playing into the wee hours of the morning, I'm so psyched, loved marvel vs capcom 2, still pay that game to this day, so i can't wait for the new one... In the meantime here is a pic of my Halo character with jetpack and i'm such a huge geek...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 is a scam and are thieving assholes

Just had to throw it out there again, and am so happy i saved at least 1 person some grief and money... You know there are people out there that really are legit in looking for meds online because of the convenience and all, and when scumbags like prey on these unfortunate and honest people, it really kills me... Hope this word gets out more and if anyone can find a way to file formal complaints or anything like that on these jerkoffs, more power to you... aside from this blog, i'm looking into more ways i can pursue this crusade into getting these fuckbags shut down, so if anyone else has any ideas, lemme know and more power to you... Gonna start sculpting my next project, a dragon loosely based on Disneys Dragonslayer, so will post pics as soon as i'm finished... mixed up a batch od sculpey in the base color i wanted and already its lookin pretty sweet, and since that Cthulhu was like my first serious attempt at something not cutesy, i'm so happy with the results and am having so much fun with this shit... and again in closing... fuck you

Monday, February 7, 2011 is scam, beware

Hey guys, no pic or cutesy shit this post, just a big warning to anyone who ever had a need to use a legitimate site for meds, this site is a piece of shit scam... know it from a few sources, so hopefully somehow this post will pop up to sway anyone who LEGITIMATELY is looking for meds, even with a script, its a huge scam... Can't think of enough evil shit to spew about these guys, but oh well, just stay away from them... If i can find a way to file a complaint to get them shut down or removed from the net, i would, but since i can't for now, just avoid them, cuz they pop up from alot of links... assholes....

Cutethulhu will haunt your dreams

Another nite of me experimenting not takin my meds, in excruciating pain but the upside i think i'm feeling stronger than i did before without them, so something is working well i think... made this little guy in a few minutes, little sloppy but its just so this is really tiny too, about an inch tall... woulda been a little neater if i wasnt in so much fuckin pain, but i'm gettin cool shit like this done, so i'm happy... Little Cutethulhu... just don't stare into his eyes, it'll bring you madness.... lol.. Thank god i got a dr appointment at 10 am, i think i'm losing my mind, must be that little

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cthulhu returns

See... Tolda ya i'd be back soon... can't sleep, in crazy pain and feel like shit... So here is a new pic i just took of the Cthulhu Sculpt i made with sculpey last nite.... Again, its cool enough for me, but lookin closer there are so many things i would add and change, but thats just my fucked OCD Anyways, this is more of what the color looks like, and in some places i did alot of detail like the underbelly which you cant see, he has like 8 He's the dark old one, god of gods, had to make him "omnippotent"... aaarghh, i crack myself anyways, hope everyone liked the Cthulhu, it kept me busy for a few hours, which is a pretty cool feat in iyself too, and i guess all in all i'm pretty happy with it... and remember to read to your HP Lovecraft kids, sanity is overrated.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cthulhu sculpt

Wow... Been a long time since my last post... Fuck, just been really sick and busy levelling my ranks and medals in halo reach and COD black But tonight i felt creative and in a few hours i was able to make this Cthulhu, one of my favorite outta sculpey... sorry baby Jeebus... And the little white guys next to him are called Jizzbats... made them last week as a goof, thought it was a cute name then just came up a character design... Cthulhu is awesome, and anyone who hasn't read HP Lovecrafts shit is missing out bigtime.... oh well, peace out and hopefully will be posting more often again...