Saturday, October 13, 2012

G-Slingers expansion logo

Here is the logo for my games solo rules expansion pack, ZOMBIES... logo came out sweet and the game is really awesome.. plays great with cool pieces and fun as hell, i love it... well this and playing xbox and alot of minecraft is pretty much all i've been doing, just trying to keep sane and happy while i basically die and fall apart day by day.. same old happy fuckin me.. some things never change, hope you like the logos...

Back from the dead... again...

Hey guys, sorry for my absence, been really really preoccuppied with the usual shit like my deterioriating health and making my own board games... lol.. well i finally finished Starships, and from finishing that, a new game called G-Slingers was born... its a 2 player gunfight simulattor, fully finished, plays awesome, and even has a solo expansion rules pack, and of course, its own cuz you know how i love me my this time i put as much time into the game as the logo, logo came 2nd this time, but still really happy with it... here is the original logo and i will make another post with the ZOMBIES expansion on it...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cosmo Dragoon and my pirate shirt

Here is my pride and joy, my Cosmo Dragoon and a t-shirt i just got of the insignia of the space pirates... i also made a dog tag outta sculpey which you saw in the last post too... it actually glows in the dark but yeah, i love this gun and the shirt... i've been wearing this shirt since i got it, washed it like 4 times already so i can keep wearing it, yeah i'm that

Cosmo Dragoon

Here is something i've been looking for for many years and i finally found it and won it on an ebay auction... the Cosmo Dragoon. Its been seen in featured in such anime classics as Captain Harlock and my personal childhood favorite, Galaxy Express 999... The gun was designed by Oyama Tochiro, and was later given to Tetsuro Hoshino on Titan, during Testuro's quest to kill the cyborg that killed his mother... and according to legend, the cosmo dragoon is the only weapon that can kill a machine man... God damn i am such a dork, i know all this shit by Anyhow, taito made 4 of these things, each one is numbered to who it belonged to... #1 is Oyama Tochiro's, #2 was Tetsuro Hoshino's, #3 Capatin Harlock, #4 Queen Emeralda's... And somehow i got the rarest of them all, a #1!!, just my friggin luck!... i thought i was gettin a 2 which i was happy with cuz its my favorite cartoon, well one of them But yeah, this thing is friggin awesome, really rare and almost impossible to get in the states... well, you cant actually, you have to get em imported, one of the reasons is no orange cap on the muzzle.. woohoo!!!! well soak it in, only die hard geeks and dorks can and will appreciate something like this, and i can't believe i finally own one....

The adorable

Here they are just as we all see them, huggable and adorable... the Klu Klux i had no where to go after blowing my load on a cute and adorable Hitler, until a friend gave me this idea, and WHAM!!!, magic was I keep doin this just to prove i can make even the most horrible and evil things and people cute and adorable, and here ya go, i did it

The Kill-Ray... Hand made ray gun

This is something i've been meaning to make, a steampunkish retro ray gun that actually the guts of this thing is an actual class 3 laser that is so bright that in the dark you can actually see the beam... its that bright... friggin i've made a few little changes since this collage was made, but these came out good and give you the idea, like the way the crystal lights up when you pull the trigger, and i made it so the beam isnt split by the crystal, you still get one super bright focal point. but basically lights up the room... only thing its missing is the PEW PEW PEW!!!!... maybe someday if i can find a way to add it without destroying what i have here, but if not, i'm happy with what you see here...

Been away awhile... I'm back!!!.. with a new toy

Sorry about the absence, just been lazy in posting new shit here, but i've been busy on facebook and playin xbox and making new fun shit outta sculpey which you'll see in later for now, lemme share with you a new toy i just got off of the interwebs from Japan... its my new favorite action figure for the time being, just can't stop touching it and playing with it... i know that sounds perverted and nasty, its one of the revoltech line, i think i posted a few of those here in the past, and this is one i've been looking to get for a long time, and i finally found one at a great price, and i'm beyond happy and thrilled with it... Its the revoltech #91, Trigun- Vash The Stampede... i have a few other Vash figures from other companies, and this is probly the best of the batch.. with i think 26 points of articulation and a little box filled with accessories, you get plenty of bang for the buck... Hopefully you'll get an idea of the countless number of poses you can get with this thing, but here i just show 12 poses... i had a blast playing with this thing makin this collage... i love playin with all my toys... i'm a collector but not the kind who keeps everything mint in the packages... i keep them mint but outta the package so i can do what they were made for... TO PLAY WITH, YOU JACKASSES!!!!...LOL... so yeah, hope you enjoy lookin at all the details in this pic, like the muzzle flashes from the revolver, an awesome touch added as a little attachment that i embellished in

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Close up of the playing pieces... woooooo exciting...

I know, i know.... i don't know how i can type and stay clam with this level of an actual closeup of my plying pieces made outta I'm just outta control with my lameness, i take lame to a whole new unprecedented level of it might be a disease in my case, and i don't think there's a cure... hopefully its not contagious cuz i feel sorry for Anne... The cat probly caught it already, so she's done for, oh

Ardent Quest playing pieces

Here we have some of the playing pieces like the pawns, the dragon, town markers and castle markers, some of the board sections, etc... the only thing not shown yet are the monster dice, the monster cards and event cards, and the character cards.. they're coming... But here you can see the green pawn is the elf player, the purple one is the wizard, and the other colors represent the other classes... for instance, white is the paladin, the short brown one is the dwarf, red is the barbarian, blue is the rogue and so on... this is coming along great, i just hope i can keep up this level of energy and enthusiasm... fingers

Same logo, new flourishes....

Plowing along full steam on the game, and as always, wasting time on playing around with the but here is the logo with some new flourishes and flair... next posts will be pics of the playing pieces with the logo inset that i made that are pretty sweet... but yeah i'm pretty excited cuz the Starships game lost steam and stalled cuz the card art was killing me and i lost enthusiasm and blah blah its in but this one time, the cards will be fun to do so i think this will actually get finished and see the playtesting phase... fingers in the meantime, you're probly gonna see like 50 more versions of the i'm a cheezdick like that...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Name, New Logo, of

Well, after makin a killer logo and lovin it, i find that a game called Adventure Quest already exists on the interwebs, its some low rent Korean MMO i think, no offense to anyone Korean or otherwise, i love your gaming culture and all that yadda Well, this morning i was dilligently hard at work on a new name and logo, and vwalla, I give you...... drumroll pleez.... "Advanced Ardent Quest"!!!!!... woohoo bitches!!!... spectacular.... Aint it??? yeah i'm a cheezdick and i love me makin some logos... thats more fun to me than makin the game which, by the way is coming along just swimmingly... i'd say its more than half done, so that makes me very happy and optimistic that this one will actually see the light of day and but i will keep you guys posted, so keep your eyes peeled and keep checkin this blog and my xbox live after dark too... i'm off to work on the game itself now, aww maybe get in a few rounds of some Haloes before i get to work... priorities of

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My new game idea... its LOGO TIME!!!

Yeah, i know i never finished the Starships game, its still in limbo, maybe someday will be done, but i was hit by inspiration for a new game in my other favorite genre, fantasy One of my favorite games as a kid was Dungeon, made by TSR hobbies at the time... they were the original company that made D&D... Dungeon was a super simple D&D style board game aimed at the the masses, the non RPG gamer, the "casual" board gamer if you will... the rules and combat were simple but it still had the dungeon crawl feel and flavor and was fast and easy to play and thats what made it so much fun... thats the feel i'm going for with this game... I love dice games like Yahtzee so i'm using that component for the monster combat... i won't give too much away but the whole game is done already in my head... so done in fact that in my brain i'm already on the advanced rules version and version i know, i'm strange, and of course, like starships, you need a cool logo, and i'm all over that... here ya go, without further adoo.... drumroll please, the logo for my new boardgame concept... "Advanced Adventure Quest 2.0" Excuse me now while i get to work on version 3 and a new logo for that i keed i keed... i'm going to hopefully finish the actual game this

Friday, January 27, 2012

Revoltech action figures rule

Here is another figure from the Revoltech line, Freulein from sweet dreams i believe she is called, i just wanted her cuz she looked cool and and i love the fact that you can pose them in so many different ways... These figures for the amount of detail are actually quite small... not a complaint, just when i got the first one out of the box, i was like, DAYYYUM, this is pretty small! but size doesnt these are so cool, some of the coolest pieces in my collection.... but hope you guys like em, i'll eventually get to the other side of my apartment and collection and post all of my doctor who collection with the cool lighted tardis and all the companions, even told ya's i'm a hardcore nerd... hardcore gamer and hardcore nerd... but nerds are cool now... nerds are the new

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dante action figure

Here is one of my favorite toys... having a play with my toys day cuz we're snowed in over here and nothing is more fun than playin with your toys on a snow i'm like a 44 year old man-child.... anyways, here is my Dante figure from the Devil May Cry series... its a Japanese import and pretty rare and pretty F'n has like a million points of articulation so you can pose it in a million different ways, and it has like a ton of accessories, a few i show here, but there are a few extras that are still on my toy I love this thing, and maybe i'll take some more toy pics later of more of my favorite toys... this is fun....lo

Friday, January 20, 2012

Elvis really did leave the

I'm a schmuck and forgot to place the pic, so here he is, Chibi

Chibi-Elvis has left the building

Here is chibi-Elvis... i tried makin for me what is the only TRUE, coolest Elvis on the planet... FAT Elvis... fat Elvis ruled... all sweaty on stage, drugged out of his mind, forgettin the words to his own songs, makin up words and just makin noises to fill in where words would go.. that shit is on youtube, so do yourselves a favor and look that shit well, this is just elvis, cuz fat elvis didnt translate well into the chibi style... if i ever get inspired and a way pops into my brain like this shit does, i'll make the Fat Elvis... until then, here is just Elvis... if i can find little fake gems, i'm gonna bedazzle him, and maybe i'll even make a new one cuz i'm not 100% happy with this one, alot of little imperfections that shouldnt be there cuz i'm anal and a perfectionist on stupid shit and have OCD's and more issues than Rolling stone and National Geographic, but thats a whole nother story for another

NEW Chibi-Figgums logo!!!!

Well by now you guys know i love me makin some logos and shit, and yes, i did it again, a brand new logo for my chibi-figgums, gonna get this made into a sign too to hang on my wall on the shelf where i keep my i'm that pathetic,

Monday, January 16, 2012


I don't know why i made this, besides the fact that it HAD to be done... I'm just that awesome... I know this is gonna be the hot toy next x-mas... It's chibi-Hitler!!!... I know i know, i'm not right in the head, but you gotta admit, i nailed this one outta the park, he's friggin and a little bit of irony, i had to put him in the oven to finish off the i posted this pic on facebook and already i have people that want one, so this may put my chibi business on the map... lol... i'll make em for anybody who wants one... 60 bucks... tho i know its hard to put a pricetag on pure joy and you could put these on your dashboard, just like the plastic Jesus's back in the 70' i'd like to see the look on the cops face if you got pulled we'll see how many friends i lose off facebook for

Chibi overload

Here is a little shelf where i'm keepin the chibis for now... i think its missing Jeebus, cuz he was in the oven bakin at the time i took the pic, so he missed the photo I was callin for him too when i was takin the pic.. i was like "JEEEEEBUS, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YA, ITS PICTURE TIME!!!"... and he was like "calm the fuck down motherfucker, i'm in the motherfuckin oven motherfuckin cookin motherfucker".... so i just took the pic without him... He's Jeezus, he'll get over it... he's got Tebow buggin the shit out of him now, i'm the least of his problems... That Tebow must be a pain in HIS holy Niggah pleez, i think Jeezus has better things to do than watch lame ass Denver Bronco games, but oh well....

The unholy trinity

Here is the unholy trinity... Satan, Cthulhu and Me... you're not gonna find a bigger concentration of evil and cuteness in the same place, so brace yourselves.... here it is.... comin at ya.... whammmmmm!!!!!! God i'm such a dick, but i'm on a roll today, all these delightful posts, soak em in folks, I could be dead tomorrow and that would mean no more wonderful delightful goodness that only i can deliver, so consider yourselves lucky to be able to bask in my lameness...

Fluffy white dog

Here is a figgum i made based on one of my friends american eskimo dogs... Atka and Nuka are their names, beautiful dogs... well here is the plastic version of one of

Cthulhu, all cute and shit....

And if you're gonna have Jeebus and Satan, you gotta have the big three, and i don't mean Buddha, but he should be up there with all the popular Gods, so i guess there'll be a big four, just like the lame band line up calling themselves the big four... arrogant pretentious assholes... but the big four in gods would be Jeebus, Satan, Buddha and the big guy himself, Cthulhu... he might be my personal favorite, cuz he's got a mouthful of tentacles... Niggah pleez, if Jeezus had a mouthful of tentacles, i think things would went a little different... he wouldnt have wound up on that damned cross, and he woulda cleaned up all that food on the last supper table... did you see all that friggin food on that table?.. there was only like 12 or 13 people, they didnt need all that shit, what a waste.. well anyways, jeezus woulda been able to eat all that shit with a mouthful of writhing tentacles, that shit woulda been bad ass i tell ya... well, a boy can dream, and here is Cthulhu in figgum form...tada....

Love you Baby Jeezus...

And if you're gonna have Satan, you gotta have Baby Jeezus... or Baby Jeebus as i like to call him sometimes... i can get away with that cuz we're tight like that... I love Baby Jeebus and he loves me... wha wha bask in his glorious adorable omnipotence, the little big guy... Jeebus himself... Love ya

And here is Satan....

Here he is folks, in adorable plastic... Satan... like i said before, i'm makin figgums of random people and characters, like lil ol satan Maybe i'll make a chibi fat Elvis later or a chibi Hitler... thats just beggin to be made... a cutesy lil Hitler, the only Hitler in my mind, all cute and I know, i'm a dick.... deal with it, i do... i can barely tolerate me and i have to live with this

Figgums logos

Another thing you all know about me is i'll make a logo for love me my logos and So, without further here are the Figgums logos... thank you, thank you vuuurrrry much... that was my fat Elvis and of course if anyone needs logos of any kind for your business, bands, etc, you know where to go for em....right here

Another figgum of me

Here i am again, i just can't get enough of So yeah, figgums are gonna be a little creation of mine, a whole line of toys i'll be making on demand, and when i don't have any orders i'll be making random figs like the ones you're gonna see in upcoming posts, like Satan and Baby

Figgums, love me some figgums...

Here is a figgum i made of myself... pretty hideous just like the I love the chibi style, and am offering to make these for anybody who wants em, just message me in the comments.. i took a few pics of this one, so you'll be seein more of it in later posts, cuz theres gonna be alot of em Figgums are one of a kind models of anything you want, your pets or friends or family, done in this chibi style... chibi means super cutesy in so yeah, super cutesy versions of pets and people.. I make these by hand outta sculpey, which after its done is like a plastic, so they're almost i broke pieces off, but you can super glue them back together in a snap... so here i am, immortalized in

Cthulhu rules....

As promised, i'm back kiddies!! Gonna be makin a buncha posts today, so brace First up, a pic i took yesterday showing the whole collection of investigators in the Arkham Horror game series from fantasy flight games... This is the ENTIRE collection of minis. which are impossible to find in stores, so you gotta get em online... and trust me, they werent cheap, but i HAD TO HAVE EM ALL!!!! yeah i'm obsessive about my Cthulhu games, so the entire collection of the minis was a must have... And above and behind them is the big guy himself... Cthulhu... I made that thing myself from scratch outta sculpey.. posted pics here a long time ago when i first made it, so just go thru older posts at the bottom and go thru all my mindless posts and you'll eventually come across

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Figgums out the ass

Hey there folks, been away for awhile, so now i'm gonna make up for it and make a ton of posts in the next few days... Originally planned to make a shitload of posts tonight, but i have company coming over to geek out and play video games all nite, so i'll post some now and then more tomorrow.... Been makin my figgums the past few days i made like 3... prior to this batch i made one as an actual order for a friend as a x-mas gift for his wife and i want to make these as a line and a business, so if anyone wants any, just leave me a message in comments... I can make anything from your pet to family members to famous people, anything... Just send me a pic if its your pet or relative, thats all i need to work from... they're done in the cutesy japanese chibi style which i love and it suits these things perfectly... I'll start off slow, then i'll be postin a bunch more of all the figgums i made in the past few days... This is my friends dog Rocky, a terrier, one of those little rat but he's adorable, and so is the figgum... i even made a logo for the figgums lines, you know me, i love me my