Friday, September 30, 2011

Arkham Horror Investigators

Just got these tday, and i'm as giddy as a This is the complete set, all 48 of the Arkham Horror investigators miniatures... sorry about the frontline being blurry, i guess the camera thought the point of focus was the center of the crowd of figures, DOH!!!... was lazy and didnt feel like retaking it, so oh anyways, having the complete set is pretty rare cuz according to the fantasy flight website, the entire set isnt available at retail brick and mortar stores due to some stupid bullshit, so here ya go, soak em all in, i'm gonna be drooling all over these things tonight... drooling right now but that might be cuz my meatloaf and tatoes just came out of the oven and i'm hungry, nom nom These will work also with the Elder Sign game i just got, cuz that game uses the same investigators as Arkham Horror, which is the reason i wanted them, cuz the character markers that came with the game were these little cardboard chits, so that sucked, chitty is more like i crack myself up... and i've been playing elder sign solo alot so i decided to splurge and go for it, and i couldnt be happier, and these things werent cheap.. i take this chit very serious so i had to get these, couldnt help myself... anyways remember to click on the pics here cuz as always these pics are in hi-res so they blow up nice so you can see all the details and chit... off to eat my meatloafs and tatoes, nom nom nom, be back later with a new post...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Ultrasaber lit up

Here is the saber with blade lit up... This pic doesnt do it justice cuz the flash washes out the brightness of the bade which is pretty friggin bright and intense... Like i said before, these things are awesome and for hardcore nerds only, cuz the average person can't appreciate how awesome these things are... nerds which makes us even more awesome, cuz nerds are awesome to start with... nerds armed with a handmade custom lightsaber are too awesome for mere so that makes me pretty friggin i know, i'm pretty deluded and odd, but with all the shit i have goin on in my life, things like this make it a lot This pic has the green lit up, but i can make seven different colors by mixing them with the 3 RGB switches on the hilt... the bottom fourth switch is the master switch... and the pommel is from the war glaive model which i just got yesterday... all the parts for these things are all TCSS certified and all compatible so you can mix and swap out parts so you can have a one of a kind saber.. they actually all are one of a kind cuz they're all handmade to your specs that you fill out when you order them, which is awesome, cuz there are a ton of options on these things so you really do have a custom one of a kind piece when you're all done... again, i can't say enough good things about these sabers and the company that makes these models, which is go there and get one of these things today, you won't be sorry, and they have a TON of models to start with, then you start adding all the features you want... I love my saber, and i'm a huge

My Ultrasaber

Here is one of my loves of my life, my Ultrasaber... This is her unlit, will post another pic next with the midgrade normal blade lit... I also have the midgrade ultra-edge blade too which is awesome and a little bit brighter... This saber is also customized more cuz i put a war glaive pommel on it that resonates louder, so it sounds even better than the regular pommel that came with this model, which is the Bellicose.. The company that makes these by hand is called these guys are GOOD... and these sabers are made for actual duelling, thats what this company specializes in, sabers you can actually duel with, which is fun as hell... duelling is like a choreographed dance, look up some vids of this on youtube, its amazing and fun to watch.. so i'm actually getting better at spinning this thing really fast from my right hand to my left and back again, which is actually pretty hard, especially when you do it really fast, which looks cool as hell at nite when the blade is lit... This is also an RGB model so i can change to any of 7 colors on the fly, its awesome... and i have a soundboard in there that you can modify all the sounds and settings via USB port.. these things are well made and pretty complex, and for hardcore nerds only, cuz these things arent cheap... when you add all the goodies like sound and RGB... I shoulda got the lighted switches, cuz i was already paying a nice amount, but oh well, i like these switches cuz they have guards on them... Its made of aircraft grade aluminum and with the new pommel adding weight to the back end, has a great weight and balance to it, which make spinning even smoother... i'll write more about it in my next post where i post a pic of it with the blade in it lit up.... I am such a

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jinx on the prowl

Havent posted a Jinx pic in awhile, so here ya go, cuz the interwebs have a shortage of cat here is Jinkers on a lovely box we picked up to store all our soda cans, cuz having like 5 boxes of 12 pack sodas was getting a little unsightly... so storing them all in one box seemed like a better idea and Anne liked this one when we were doing our yearly Halloween shopping night at Homegoods the other nite.. I'm sure you'll be seeing other purchases we made from that evening on here soon, cuz we got some really cool shit that night and the following night at AC Moore the craft store...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Baby Jeezus

Here is one of my favorite deities up there with fat Elvis and Cthulhu and all his minions... but Baby Jeebus is up there, as he should be, all adorably omnipotent and shit... just look at him, just fills you with goodness just lookin at him... mmmm, filled with goodness, i sound like a fuckin twinkie now.... gots to go eat one after talkin like that, nom nom nom, i have him mounted right under my 22 inch mac monitor, so under the monitor is His Holiness, and above the monitor is His Fishiness, Ryley... maybe i should have it the other way around, but oh well, i have both these guys basically glued to my shit with blue putty, so i think they're gonna be stayin be back soon cuz i got lots more creamy goodness ready to fly on ok, that sounded like Peter North, i'm all over the place be back soon kids...

My little Ponies

Here we have some of Anne's My Little Pony collection... They did a reboot of the show recently which Anne absolutely fell in love with, so in my ToysRus trips i've been getting her these things every trip... Some of these were in a nice little box set, and the ones in the back were individual ponies... I don't know the names yet but she does, so i should have her make a post and list all the names, cuz they're just so adorably cute they'll haunt your

My pet fishy Betta, R'lyeh

This is a nice close up of my new little buddy R'lyeh.. (Riley) is how we say it, easier off the tongue that named after an island in the dreamlands from the Cthulhu mythos for those nerds out there in the Got him this past week when we went to petsmart to get Jinkers her cat grass for the week.. we get her fresh grass every week cuz she's spoiled rotten and she loves that shit... So i got a whole setup for the fishy and some live plants and lights for the little tank, pretty sweet little setup that i have set up on a shelf right over my 22 inch monitor, i know, really smart to hang a tank of water right over my computer, but i'm careful with that The fishy is a red crown-tail betta, never had a red one before, my last one was blue and a crown tail.. i knew it was time for a new fishy and tank when i walked past him at the store, something about him caught my attention and i was like, BAMMM!, time to get a new will be posting more regularly in the upcoming days cuz i've been feeling better and i have my fresh supply of meds so i'll be healthy and good for the immediate future, and i have some cool pics i'll be posting too, so tah tah for now kiddies, be back soon...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Feelin like shit

Hey all sorry been away for so long again, been bad medically, usual shit... but for some reason i'm supposed to be here, so deal in or deal out and dealin out aint happenin, still too strong even in my weakened state so things will get better... just wanted to stop by and say hi to the people who still read this, heres an old pic of Jinkers smilin, love this pic, she is one happy
will be back soon when i'm back at full strength with more fun shit and pics... peace out for now