Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Baby Jeezus

Here is one of my favorite deities up there with fat Elvis and Cthulhu and all his minions... but Baby Jeebus is up there, as he should be, all adorably omnipotent and shit... just look at him, just fills you with goodness just lookin at him... mmmm, filled with goodness, i sound like a fuckin twinkie now.... gots to go eat one after talkin like that, nom nom nom, i have him mounted right under my 22 inch mac monitor, so under the monitor is His Holiness, and above the monitor is His Fishiness, Ryley... maybe i should have it the other way around, but oh well, i have both these guys basically glued to my shit with blue putty, so i think they're gonna be stayin be back soon cuz i got lots more creamy goodness ready to fly on ok, that sounded like Peter North, i'm all over the place be back soon kids...

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