Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Ultrasaber

Here is one of my loves of my life, my Ultrasaber... This is her unlit, will post another pic next with the midgrade normal blade lit... I also have the midgrade ultra-edge blade too which is awesome and a little bit brighter... This saber is also customized more cuz i put a war glaive pommel on it that resonates louder, so it sounds even better than the regular pommel that came with this model, which is the Bellicose.. The company that makes these by hand is called these guys are GOOD... and these sabers are made for actual duelling, thats what this company specializes in, sabers you can actually duel with, which is fun as hell... duelling is like a choreographed dance, look up some vids of this on youtube, its amazing and fun to watch.. so i'm actually getting better at spinning this thing really fast from my right hand to my left and back again, which is actually pretty hard, especially when you do it really fast, which looks cool as hell at nite when the blade is lit... This is also an RGB model so i can change to any of 7 colors on the fly, its awesome... and i have a soundboard in there that you can modify all the sounds and settings via USB port.. these things are well made and pretty complex, and for hardcore nerds only, cuz these things arent cheap... when you add all the goodies like sound and RGB... I shoulda got the lighted switches, cuz i was already paying a nice amount, but oh well, i like these switches cuz they have guards on them... Its made of aircraft grade aluminum and with the new pommel adding weight to the back end, has a great weight and balance to it, which make spinning even smoother... i'll write more about it in my next post where i post a pic of it with the blade in it lit up.... I am such a

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