Friday, September 30, 2011

Arkham Horror Investigators

Just got these tday, and i'm as giddy as a This is the complete set, all 48 of the Arkham Horror investigators miniatures... sorry about the frontline being blurry, i guess the camera thought the point of focus was the center of the crowd of figures, DOH!!!... was lazy and didnt feel like retaking it, so oh anyways, having the complete set is pretty rare cuz according to the fantasy flight website, the entire set isnt available at retail brick and mortar stores due to some stupid bullshit, so here ya go, soak em all in, i'm gonna be drooling all over these things tonight... drooling right now but that might be cuz my meatloaf and tatoes just came out of the oven and i'm hungry, nom nom These will work also with the Elder Sign game i just got, cuz that game uses the same investigators as Arkham Horror, which is the reason i wanted them, cuz the character markers that came with the game were these little cardboard chits, so that sucked, chitty is more like i crack myself up... and i've been playing elder sign solo alot so i decided to splurge and go for it, and i couldnt be happier, and these things werent cheap.. i take this chit very serious so i had to get these, couldnt help myself... anyways remember to click on the pics here cuz as always these pics are in hi-res so they blow up nice so you can see all the details and chit... off to eat my meatloafs and tatoes, nom nom nom, be back later with a new post...

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