Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where the magic happens

This is it folks, this is where the magic happens and i sit in my pain and write these 2 crappy blogs, insights into my wonderfully pathetic ah, it aint that bad, i got Anne and Jinkers and all this wonderful tech and toys, so i make the best of what i've got... you can only see the mouse on the left, but farther left off screen is my laptop which i use like a desktop, then there is another 19 inch monitor next to that for an as of yet broken no rush to fix it cuz i have my mac here and my PC needs are taken care of with the laptop, which is a pretty good laptop, even for gaming, has a decent video card in it, so its pretty always, if you're bored, click on the pic for a bigger version so you can zoom in and marvel at some of the tiny details of my life like my Marvel Squinkies, my little Baby Jeebus, and he's holding my mom's wedding band, which she passed on to me when she passed around 9 years ago... But yeah, theres alot to see in this pic, and this is only like 1 tenth of the clutter and chaos of the rest of the but its cool clutter, cuz its cool rare shit you're never gonna see anywhere else in the boring outside world... i tell evryone, if i'm gonna be a hermit, i'm gonna surround myself with all the coolest toys and shit i can get my grubby little mitts this place is like a bizzarre little museum of oddities and treasures, and i love it, so feel free to explore it with me as i make more posts and pics of the place and all of its nifty little

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