Monday, October 10, 2011

Jinx tummy rub

Here she is again, for halloween... so adorable, hard to believe this cat accidentally almost tore off my nose once, sliced clean thru a nostril and claw sunk deep into my septum.. she got spooked when i picked her up snuggled... i guess never snuggle with a cat who has wolverine like we dont believe in declawing cuz thats inhumane, its like cutting off the top part of a humans finger at the knuckle.. but i lost like a gallon of blood that nite, and Anne was urging me to got the hospital cuz i felt the right nostril cut clean thru... so i stopped the bleeding best i could by making a paste from blood and triple antibiotic ointment and glued my nose back together... was a little off so if you look really close you can see a lins and limp where i didnt match it but scars add character.. i have enough of those....

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