Friday, May 13, 2011

Jinx's new friend re-post

Ok, that was weird cuz the other day i posted a pic of Jinx giving the stare down to her new little buddy, and the post seems to have vanished... have no idea how that happened, so here is the pic again... This is a Japanese vinyl bank we picked at an awesome little toy shop in LBI on wednesday... and as you can see, Jinx is befuddled by her new lil companion thats a little too close to her water dish... She's like get this abomination out of my personal space!... Still can't figure out how that post just vanished... oh, the wonders and mysteries of the interwebs, what a magical land it is...

Jinx and her new friend

Here is another pic of Jinx warming up to her new little friend... I tried to lighten the image more so you can see the smile on the other cats face... i mean the "plastic" other Jinkers isn't as fat as she looks in this pic... The other skinny cat and the fact the camera adds 20 lbs. and the way she kinda spreads out like a water balloon when she lays down, make her look Kirstie Alley size... There ya go, we can call her Kirstie Alley-cat if she ever does put on a few lbs then really give her a complex.. if she doesnt have one already feeling she has to compete with a smiling piece of plastic for our attentions... we love ya

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our new cat

Sorry been away again for a bit, caught up in my usual muck of health problems and video game But had to post this pic of Jinx befuddled by this adorable japanese vinyl toy we found in this awesome little toy shop in LBI... She's been walkin by it, twitching, sits in front of it staring at i've never seen her this befuddled over anything, its Guess this is my payback for her almost tearing off my nose a few months ago in a freak accident where i lost like a gallon of