Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lantern Corps

This is one of my favorite new collections... Just finished the set off a few days ago, now i have the complete set of power rings based on the Green Lantern Justice League series Blackest Night.. Anybody can claim to be a dork and a geek... but its shit like this separates the true dorks and geeks from the wannabes... You guys already know what that makes and to take it up a notch, I even wear these things everyday... every day i wear a different color depending on my mood... yup, i'm pretty much out there....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mini Enterprise my love for Nikon

Here is the TNG Enterprise, tiny version by hotwheels... this is part of a series of all the enterprises and a bird of prey which i also have and love... I've taken all these pics with my Nikon D80 which is one of my favorite hi-tech toys... I love that camera and can't express my love for it and i'll give you the same advice a fellow from a camera shop in Princeton gave me, if you ever see one of these available new or used, most likely used since the model was discontinued, BUY IT!... it is loaded with features and the kit that i got comes with this awesome 18-135 AF zoom lens that is killer... it has features like the led display on the top that for some reason they took out on the later models, and it has great heft and feel to it that later models no longer have... You can't go wrong with any Nikon camera, but because of all the features and price, this one of the best prosumer cameras you can get, period... love it, love it , love it...

Ben 10

Here is Ben 10 from the first series, which is still my personal favorite, never really got into alien force that much... I also have all 4 seasons of the original Ben 10 on DVD... awesome collection... and i also have have a collection of all 4 of the Omnitrixes that i'm very proud of, since they're also really hard to find, are rare and in mint condition... will post them another time also

Hellboy and Abe

These are 2 little mini-figs from hellboy 2... Abe Sapien and Hellboy... love the movie and i love all the toys even more.. I have a couple of Hellboy figures i'll post on here sometime... they're rare and very cool... but again worth nothing cuz i have to be able to fobndle and play with all my toys... I'm a collector, but i'm also a player... that is i play with my

Monday, November 23, 2009

Space Needle

Here is the other LEGO architecture set i have, the Seattle space needle.... this is very cool, had to have it when i saw this at Barnes and Noble... again, very expensive and its made to just make one model, but its awesome LEGOs are the best decoration for geeks computer rooms and desks... besides action figures that is... which i also have crowding my computer area... I love being a dork... so much fun...

Gugenheim LEGO

Here is one of my old hobbies as a kid... LEGOs... one of my favorite toys growing up... nowadays the LEGO sets are all specialized and kit specific, which sucks, since each kit is made to just make one specific model, not like in the old days when you just had a huge set like i did, and you could just make anything you wanted... well anyways, this is part of the LEGO architecture series that you can only get in specialty stores like bookstores and such... you can't find these in toy stores, and they're very expensive, like all LEGOs, but they're awesome toys and well worth the money

Galaga machine

Here is one of the coolest things i got recently, a gift from my nieces husband Ed, awesome dude who is a fellow arcade rat from the 80's we both hung out in the same local arcade when we were kids... this is actually very tiny... its a christmas ornament that lights up and plays the original sound effects and music from the original arcade game, that is still one of my favorites... love this game, and the toy... i'm such a friggin geek...

ODST figure

Here is a very cool custom Halo figure that you can modify with your own armor and weapons.... very cool set to own, probly gonna be a collectors item like all of my shit, won't be worth anything cuz i have to take everything outta the packages and play with it... whats the sense to have such cool toys and not be able to play with em?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here is a new piece of art i did from scratch pretty quick for a friend who is gonna use it in some capacity for a T-shirt design... it's a parody of a Corona ad that i personally never saw, but i guess i captured the spirit of it cuz my friend liked it...

Lobo Again

Here is my Lobo action figure again because the last pic didnt do the bastich justice....


Here is another cool toy Anne got for me from that little comic shop in Somerville.... and i whipped this up in a few minutes... the Enterprise from TNG, one of my favorite series in the franchise... and this is one of the best in the series of replicas of all the Enterprises... I think i have all of them now, from the Wrath of Khan ship, to the new one from the new JJ Abrams Star Trek... that one is pretty sweet too, but this one is the best... its friggin huge, and the saucer actually seperates from the body and does cool sound effects while doing it, and its held in place by really powerful magnets... pretty friggin awesome....


Been awhile, but i'm back with a few new toys... Lobo was one of my favorite comics back in the day, google it and you'll see why, some amazing art when done by the right artists, and word has it they're making a movie now... will probly suck, but we'll see... anyways here is an awesome Lobo action figure Anne got for me from the comic fortress in Somerville, very cool comic and toy shop...