Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wet pussy

It is what the headline says... didnt say happy pussy.... this is Jinx after i threw her into the shower the other day when it was like 106 degrees the other day... and she wasnt too happy about it... but she forgave me...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I love UDO

Been awhile since i posted, so here is a little treat... Came across this pic today and i had a flashback of a video me and my cousin Mark used to watch as kids, and freeze frame this face, on VHS cuz it cracked us up, and VHS was a new technology back then and we were having fun with it... lol... This was from Accepts classic Midnight Mover video, and it is a classic, as is Udo... Accept has reunited this year, but without Udo, but they have a decent singer in Mark Tornillo from TT Quick, so all is not lost... just love that Udo face and this lil dog... so similar, and adorable...lol

Friday, July 2, 2010

More Heroscape

Here is another pic with another phantom warrior and a bronze dragon in the background.... The laser effect is pretty cool too... In the future i'll put together some cool scenes utilizing the board pieces too, and some of my other sets, ike the Marvel one with the Hulk, Iron man, Spiderman, and a host of others... It's really a cool game system worth checkin out if you're into D&D and roleplaying games... and it's really dumbed down and easy to learn and play for the more "casual" crowd too, so don't let the RPG D&D thing scare you away... it's alot of fun and simple rules so even if you have younger kids they'll be able to grasp it... Now that i'm officially pissed off at Microsoft and Xboxlive, i'll be amusing myself with my other hobbies like stuff like this...lol...

I love Heroscape

Here are some of my minifigs from one of my favorite tabletop games, Heroscape... I've been meaning to take pics of these miniatures for so long, so here goes...lol... I'll post more in the future, cuz i have a huge collection of these things, and of the board pieces as well... This is a pic of one of my new figures, a phantom warrior with a military grade green laser being shot thru it...lol.... Bein a geek is grand...lol