Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lords of Mercy

Here is an old logo of my friends band that i'm working on the CD cover now. This is an old logo that i got from facebook, and i dont wanna post any of the new stuff, leave that unveiling to those I sent out the art just before for a poster, and that came out awesome too... Been playing my ipad alot, Kabam slots i highly recommend, and since i deleted Infinity Blade3, i'm able to have more games on there besides ONE, YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLES MAKING A 6 GIG GAME ON MY 16 GIG IPAD!!!! had to But i reinstalled one of my favorite games of all time on there, Frederic the Resurrection of Music... Great game and its like Guitar Hero but on a piano, playing different styles of music to Chopins compositions... Really great fun game. Now i'm gonna get back to my Diablo3

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Classic Star Wars dolls

I just got these recently for doing art for a friend, and i had to take them out of the box, making them worthless to collectors, but i also had to put batteries in them too, cuz they talk and the light sabers light up too... very cool awesome shit right here i tell ya. Each doll stands about 12 inches i believe, and the amount of detailing in the costumes and the material used is top notch from way back in the day when Star Wars was still big and cool and awesome. To me this stuff still is, so taking these out and getting em lit up and on display for my collection, which is basically a nerd museum here if you look back here on older posts i have pics of my toy shelves and my collection of cool and awesome shit... which i alo had to take out of the packaging, so everything here is playable with, and encouraged... cuz i always say you have to play with your toys dammit, they do no one any good sitting in a box collecting dust... they must be examined and poked and played with to be enjoyed, thats the meaning of toys, dammit!!!

Infinity Blade 3 pisses me off

Okay, time to vent here... Infinity Blade 2 and 3 are the best looking games on the iPad and IOS devices, period. The graphics look like a high end PC and the gameplay is fluid and solid, albeit a little repetitive, but oh well, ya cant have everything. Infinity Blade3 is basically the same exact game as IB2 gameplay wise with few minor additions here and there. To be honest, i havent really played it that much cuz after playing a few times, the same old gameplay thing kinda turned me off, and because i spend most of time with the friggen thing, REINSTALLING IT!!!!!, i barely have time to play it. Thats my venting point right now Here it goes. Ok, tha game is 1.47gigs, but for some reason, to install it, you need to free up like 4 gigs almost, and to do an update, you need even more than that. And every fuckin day there has been an update, and when i go to update it, it tells me i need more space to complete the update. So its easier to just uninstall it, and then install it again cuz it takes less memory. But after today getting another fuckin update and having to delete it and reinstall it, i think i'm done with it. Hey, they already got my fuckin 6 bucks, so oh well. Cuz the thing takes awhile to download every day too. So instead of time spent having fun playing it, i'm spending that time fuckin downloading it again for the 10th time. So thats my vent, IB3 is the best looking and same old playing game on the ipads right now, but its not worth all the time spent and erasing everything else on my ipad, to play it.. And i did, i erased like all my shit... i had to to play ONE FUCKIN GAME!!!!... thats my fault for being a fucking idiot knowing i was probly getting the same game and downloading nightmare as 2, so its my own fault. Farewell Infinity Blades 2 and 3, was nice almost playing ya... if i wasnt spending all my playing time downloading your stupid games all the time!!!! here is a Jinx pic to make me happy again after being so pissed off!!!!

I love me sum physics

Here is something cool i got awhile ago and havent played with in some time. Saw a post on a friends blog that his favorite physics theory was Schroedingers cat... and to not bore anyone out there with its complicatedness, look it up on it has to do with a cat in a box, dying, and shit like that.. and not Kasey Kasem, with a "fuckin dog dying", his classic rant on the radio..look that up too.. gave ya homework for the but this little thing is like a magic 8 ball... you ask it a question and open the little door.. if the cat is alive its a YES, and if the cat is dead, its a NO, pretty friggen awesome, i love

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another day, another whatever...

Still posting, another day, still going strong, been really busy with a ton of stuff... Today i worked on the next step of an up and coming new band from New Jersey called Lords of Mercy... And yours truly is doing their CD cover for the debut CD. I made the logo too... I dont have any art on this laptop of the logo, but just do a search on facebook and you'll see it. And i dont wanna post any art of the CD to keep everything a surprise and for confidentiality of the guys in the band.. I'll leave the unveiling to them... So, in the meantime, here is a picture of adorable Jinx to make you smile.. she does a good job of that for us every day. Just watched the agents of shield show on TV and i liked it... I have high hopes for it cuz i love everything Joss Whedon does, hes responsible for 2 of my favorite movies of all time, the Avengers and Cabin in the woods.. seen each one like 5 times already, love em.... So here is Jinx and i'm off to play some more Diablo3 and GTA5, lovin those damn

Monday, September 23, 2013

Me yelling at Jinx

Heres a day in the life of me trying to get Jinx to stop knocking over my

Comic strip stuff

For some reason i'm having a hard time uploading my art files... had to restart my laptop and whatnot, so i'm trying again, here are the logo and some pencils of some of the characters... enjoy

My comic strip and good TV shows

See folks, i'm getting better at making daily posts, lets see if i can keep it up... Gonna try and work on some new comic strip stuff instead of playing GTA5 before Sleepy Hollow comes on at 9pm. And yes, Sleepy Hollow actually is a good show. Some really cool ideas there but i have a bad feeling people are too stupid for it to be successful and make a season 2. I'm shocked to shit that GRIMM made 3 seasons so far. I was afraid to like it for the same reason. Usually if i like a show, its the kiss of death and it doesnt last long. I have gotten lucky with shows like Buffy, Farscape and Dr Who. Buffy and Farscape made 7 seasons, and Dr Who is still going strong, and in my mind is the best show on TV, best writing, best actors, best show, period. Will have to see how the new guy fares after Matt Smith, but i have high hopes, as all the drs have been great choices actor wise. The last 3 since the reboot have been awesome. So yeah, lookin forward to Sleepy Hollow after a cool first episode that had some great really weird cool ideas and effects for a weekly network show. There arent that many good non cable horror or sci fi shows anymore. Cable has good stuff like True Boobs and Game of Titties, which is what they should be called, you guys know its And i have no problem with eiether, but i know alot of people who did have problems with the amount of nudity being uncomfortable and stuff.. But i read all the George Martin books, and they were even more disturbing than the Loved em, but there was some great sick shit in there, so you have to check your sensibilities in at the Here is the black and white version of my comic strip strip logo, and a few samples of the characters in pencil. Going forward, i'm doing this right on my ipad so they will be in "ink". Solid black and white and not pencil. So i'm still on the learning curve and being happy with the results of using a rubber stylus instead of a pencil, the accuracy is completely different in drawing with the stylus. But i like the look of the scratchy style i do with the stylus, so its working out i think. Just have to keep the momentum and inspiration going forward... So far so good, and 3 posts later, i'm proud of gotta keep this up, hope you guys like it and i get more readers... spread the word...Okay, art stuff didnt post this time, will make another post with the comic strip stuff next...

It's a NERF 50cal.

Here is one of my new favorite pieces that Anne got me for my birthday, figgured i'd post a pic here too... Its called the Centurion, and its basically NERFs version of a 50cal. sniper rifle. Has a range of up to 100 ft and has huge bullets, just like a real This thing even has a sweet kick to it when you fire it. There must be like a truck spring in there or sumpin, cuz boy is it loud when fires and kicks, i friggin love this The scope is optional and looks badass on there too.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back again, 2 posts in one day!!! woot woot!!!

Forgot to put my name in case it wasnt on here.. but look me up on facebook, Andrew Baumgartner... then friend me and you can see all my stuff like my Ebil Kitties and all my sculpey creations and endless cat pictures, cuz we all know there arent enough cat pics on the interwebs... I have to thank my good friend Greg for inspiring me with his blog... so read that too, great stuff from that bald doughy knucklehead livin Japan.. truly the ugly American living here are a few more logos like my ebil kitties if i never posted that here.. not sure if i'm comin or goin plus been playin LOTS of xbox360 like Diablo3 and now GTA5... amazing games that are eatin up alot of my life right now..whatever is left of it well its good to be back, and lookin forward to postin more here soon... konichiwa, BITCHES!!!! yeah i'm a dick

Back from the dead...Again...

Sorry again for the absence, been a long time since i made a post on here or my xboxlive blog, so i'm gonna try and be better and post here more often at least... Been super busy since last post. Been doing tons of creative stuff, everyone who follows me on Facebook knows most of my creative projects.. hopefully If you havent, a quick rundown of recent and ongoing projects is as follows... Jonny Dammaj, a series of short stories about a 9 year old in a giant mecca robot suit fighting demons and holy hell after the apocalypse and rapture and whatnot... Surgikill, a musical project where i play all the instruments on my ipad on garageband...and all the band members are cartoon characters drawn by me.. think that old band "Gorillaz", but with better music, cuz that music SUUUUUCCCCKKKEEEDDD!!!! And last but not least, "In the Dark: Duary of a mad nerd" an ongoing web comic strip based on me and my circle of friends and Jinx, our cat, in comic strip panel fashion and sketches and whatnot... I'm still workin on games and stuff, and i made a whole ton of sculpey toys that go along with the Jonny Dammaj comic strip stuff that came out very cool.. I wont post all of that here, cuz there is just go to my facebook wall and go to my pics and wall galleries to see all my stuff... Just go to facebook and friend me if you wanna be caught up on all my shit, cuz thats where i post all my stuff first.. will try and do here more, but i wont make any here are the logos for the 3 projects i mentioned anyways to entice you to check out my shit on