Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Infinity Blade 3 pisses me off

Okay, time to vent here... Infinity Blade 2 and 3 are the best looking games on the iPad and IOS devices, period. The graphics look like a high end PC and the gameplay is fluid and solid, albeit a little repetitive, but oh well, ya cant have everything. Infinity Blade3 is basically the same exact game as IB2 gameplay wise with few minor additions here and there. To be honest, i havent really played it that much cuz after playing a few times, the same old gameplay thing kinda turned me off, and because i spend most of time with the friggen thing, REINSTALLING IT!!!!!, i barely have time to play it. Thats my venting point right now Here it goes. Ok, tha game is 1.47gigs, but for some reason, to install it, you need to free up like 4 gigs almost, and to do an update, you need even more than that. And every fuckin day there has been an update, and when i go to update it, it tells me i need more space to complete the update. So its easier to just uninstall it, and then install it again cuz it takes less memory. But after today getting another fuckin update and having to delete it and reinstall it, i think i'm done with it. Hey, they already got my fuckin 6 bucks, so oh well. Cuz the thing takes awhile to download every day too. So instead of time spent having fun playing it, i'm spending that time fuckin downloading it again for the 10th time. So thats my vent, IB3 is the best looking and same old playing game on the ipads right now, but its not worth all the time spent and erasing everything else on my ipad, to play it.. And i did, i erased like all my shit... i had to to play ONE FUCKIN GAME!!!!... thats my fault for being a fucking idiot knowing i was probly getting the same game and downloading nightmare as 2, so its my own fault. Farewell Infinity Blades 2 and 3, was nice almost playing ya... if i wasnt spending all my playing time downloading your stupid games all the time!!!! here is a Jinx pic to make me happy again after being so pissed off!!!!

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parK b said...

Dude, I've just discovered the joy of the free iPhone games: Puzzle and Dragons, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Guardian Cross and Final Fantasy: All the Bravest are all free and all great! Puzzle and Dragons is so freaking popular in Japan that they are making console versions here!