Monday, July 11, 2011

I love me some

Maybe my damn game isn't done yet cuz i can't stop making stupid logos for it?... hmmmm, ya think? I just love doin logos and this is one of my favorites i've done in a while, so i can't stop making new Here is the logo for a black manual cover or for black shirts, caps, mugs, i'd love to make a shitload of merchandise for it on cafe press but maybe i should focus my energies on finishing the damn game... prioritizing was never one of my strong considering i've made so much more work for myself like having to draw up a ton of new cards for the crew, new board additions, new ship counter art and additions, planet rules and a shitload of D20 results for a shitload of new D20 die roll modifiers and shit... i did say i was getting ahead of but i must say again, this game is gonna be epic... if i ever get the fuckin done... but i will have some a nice coffee mug and t-shirt for a game that doesnt

NEW StarShips

Still workin on my friggin game, turned into an epic since its been so long in the making and i've added so many new elements like crew cards, a 20 sided die and planets and a ship diagram for mapping hits, etc., that i made a new logo with a new i know i'm retarded and shit but i love doin shit like this, its more fun for me than the game will probly So if you're a company and this looks interesting to you and you wanna market my game, just leave a comment... This game is gonna be amazing once its all done and whatever, so you game companies start lining up

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jinx overload.. last one for the day, i

Here ya go, just like the headline says, last one for now, i off to play some Haloes on the Xbox... love me some Haloes...

Pretty Jinx

Yeah, bored today and had the camera bug so i was just snapping away, and what better subject than our beautiful lil photogenic camera hog... she's so adorably cute, we're such the proud parents... Just what the internet needs, more pictures of fuckin cats, enjoy... oh the cuteness...gggllnkkak... i think i just threw up in my mouth...

Jinx winking

Here is our little child winking at the camera, had the Nikon out and was just snapping cute pics of the little

StarShip playing pieces

Here is a crappy blurry pic of my crappy pieces for my StarShip they came out ok i guess, the more i messed with em when i was sculpting em the worse and clumpy they were comin out, but i guess they're doable... they have these little black stands you can see on the yellow one that came out pretty cool....