Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rockin Out

Here i am rockin out with BC Rich Warlock wearing my Halford hat... sorry, don't have assless chaps so i cant't complete the full Halford is the Metal God, whatever his sexual preference is, I love him no matter what... um, love not in a gay way, love in he's like one of the coolest motherfuckers in metal and still one of the best voices in music no matter what genre he sings, he's a badass... well i'm continuing my annoying assault on all your patiences out there with my annoying little likeness of i'm having fun, so thats all that Just keeping busy till i can play xbox360 again when the nascar race is over, and i already got all my dinner ingredients prepped and ready to go too, making salmon and teriyaki rice and asparagus... nom nom nom... I'm like a gourmet chef too, my list of talents just grows like everyday, God, i'm and delusional

Slayin Dragons... Bitches...

I know i'm gonna get really annoying with my little doll, but oh well, i really am i annoying in real life Keep making little additions to Munny me like a new strand of hair or another piece in my arm tattoos.. but i think i'm done, i think i already overdid it, so i'll stop well here i am with samurai sword slaying a dragon and saving a damsel in the background...and rockin out my new hat... payin homage to the metal God, Rob Halford... in my next post i'll be rockin out out for real and wearing my Halford hat too... told ya i was gonna be annoying... Anne is watching Nascar so i can't play xbox360 so i'll be keeping amused by annoying you guys makin blog posts and facebook posts you can add me as a friend on facebook just by searching my name, its pretty easy...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jinx figgum

Here is a close up of the Jinx figgum, by herself, not to be upstaged by sharing the same frame as my And i've coined my own word that i'll be using from now on to describe my little creations and toys... they're to be known as "figgums" from here on out... you heard it here first folks.. so when you here kids on the street, you know, the "cool kids", throwing around this vernacular, you'll know where it came from... cuz i know i havent been hangin around any mentally retarded folks that would've mangled the language in any way to come up with a word as goofy or clown shoes as the word "figgum"... see, that ones all mine, will be posting more pics and stuff as i make more stuff or come up with more pics or close ups, i'm bored so why the fuck

Munny Me and Jinx... and some

Here's the cutest lil badass motherfucker on the planet... and the guy with the greasy hair next to Munny Me and Jinkers... and i'm holding my japanese katana in one hand and my BC Rich Warlock in the other... Every action figure needs accessories, so now i have accessories pack will have to think of accessorie pack no.2... This little figgum and his cat came out so cool... and actually made a few mistakes that i wanted to fix when i was doin it, but i let it go and i was still happy with the results... the pic of just me is up as my facebook profile pic and maybe i'll use this one too someday... maybe down the road i'll photoshop the little guy into some funny pics and have him go on adventures... this will be fun... buckle up folks, i'm takin the dirt road road

Munny Me.... Awesome

Here ya have it, one of the coolest things on the planet, second only to me... which makes sense since its ME immortalized in vinyl form... Thanx to these little things called Munny minis, which are blank white vinyl toys, anyone can make these things into whatever they please... and what pleased me at the moment was to make an action figure of me, currently what i look like now with stringy greasy bangs, arm and neck tattooes, my watch, even my black hopefully i didnt miss any details, but this is mindblowing in its cuteness,accuracy and plain old and coming soon will be accessories for the little Munny Me, like a black cat named Jinkers, a samurai sword, a Warlock guitar, a nerf gun, game controller... all things i normally play with on a daily I'll sum munny me up in one of Anne's favorite words..."SQUEEEEE!!!!"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Yamato model new paint job

This actually looks better in real life, but here is a new paint job i did on that model i made when i was like 10, did the weathering and dry brushing thing, came out pretty cool, hope you guys like it...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato model

Here is a model i made when i was like 10 or 11 years old... Thought it was lost forever and the other day when i was goin thru my dads attic looking for an old boardgame, i stumbled across it... a few pieces were broken off and missing, so today i made them outta sculpey and replaced em... I must say i did a pretty good job on this, paint job and all, and the fact it was a Japanese model kit, with Japanese instructions, AND I WAS 10! so yeah, fond childhood memories come flooding back when i look at it... the little models around it were from the recent movie i just got off e-bay, which is an amazing movie, worth tracking down of you're a starblazers fan.. even if you're not, and just a fan of good sci-fi, it was an amazing film... i know i'm gonna watch it many times... i've already watched it like 3 times already, and the first time i watched it, it was without subtitles, just straight up Japanese, and i still loved the movie is called "Space Battleship Yamato".. and make sure you get a DVD with English subtitles.. they're floatin around ebay for around 9 to 12 bucks, great price for such a great unknown movie... what are you waiting for?... get on ebay and buy one now!... This model kit is actually really rare and worth alot i think, but unassembled and not painted by a nerdy little 10 year old who was obsessed with Japanese oh that was such a kinder, gentler look what i'v become, scroll down a few posts of me in the Japanese domo thats what happens, so parents, keep your kids away from Japanese cartoons... i should be a poster child for so many

Jack Skellington onesy

Here i am in my newest onesy...and right after i took this pic, the goddamned zipper i havent been able to wear it since... so i'm in the process of finding a tailor or cleaners that do alterations and such that can fix my zipper... and i loved this one too... dammit... and thats the hood, with my head down you can see my nasty beard stickin out... kinda kills the illusion, oh I'm wearing my blue onesy right now as i'm writing this blog, in heavenly comfort i might add... oh its so comfortable and cozy in this thing, you have no

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Love Fine... great website for shirts

I discovered this site one night while watching Attack of the Show on G4 on cable... The site is called, and they specialize in really cool art versions as t-shirt prints... and that night on AOTS they gave a promotional code for like 15% off your order, which is what prompted me to check it out and make an order.. I got 2 art-nouveau versions of Rogue and Mystique from the X-Men, done like Alphonse Mucha, not sure if i spelled that would do them, in the art nouveau style which i love... and i got Anne a My little Pony shirt done in the same art style... the shirts came today and they are great quality prints on really soft shirts, and as a gift they gave us this Hello Kitty laundry bag!... this thing is killer and its HUGE!!!!... thats what she can never resist that line, thank you Steve so definitely check these guys out if you want really cool geek wear, they have a HUGE selection in every genre imaginable done by really great artists... this site was definitely a great find we stumbled across, so check em out.... nothing scary today, but in the next couple of days i'll post a pic of myself in a new onesy... i love these things, they are so friggin comfortable... the new onesy is from Nightmare Before X-mas, and its Jack Skellingtons costume, black with white pinstripes, and it has a hood which is embroidered and its Jack's head with the evil smile!... so you've been warned, watch out for

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things you can't unsee vol.1

Title says it all... just got out of the shower so hair is slicked back and wet, and this is my new onesy... My Domo Onesy... this character is Japans version of Gumby, look up Domo or Domokon on the interwebs for the full story... This is the most comfortable thing i ever wore... even better than the blue forever lazy... only drawback on this one is there is no back door... Ruh-Roh!!!... which means won't be easy access back there and i can't back that shit up like i can with my blue one... oh well, the price you have to pay for fashion... Funny thing is i'm wearing this out tomorrow to visit my dad at the nursing home he is staying for his leg rehab, cuz tomorrow is Bingo nite, this should go over well with the citizens at the home while i enjoy a night of bing with most will think they're hallucinatin off their pain meds or most probly will be so god help them, who know what i'll look like to

Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Blue Sexy Baby... Me

Here ya go, let the reign of terror start Don't know if the internet can handle this much sexy... not what it was built for... oh well, looks like i'm takin my Got this last nite after lookin for it for over a year, finally found it at Walmart.. Its called the Forever Lazy.... Anne calls it the Forever Alone.. cuz thats the state of anyone who wears this this She's understanding tho and present company excluded about being alone... she's takin one for the team and stayin with me, makin it This thing is so comfortable, and it even has a full back door zipper, so the whole back opens up, and you can back that shit up! oh and i will, i well good luck unseeing this picture, cuz some things you just can't unsee... lol... gonna take this big heapin package of sexy over to the couch and mangle some music on my new peace out

My new baby, a BC Rich Warlock...

Here is my new baby, a BC Rich Warlock, bronze series, not sure what that means, maybe like low end introductory model or I just got it cuz of the deal i got on it, and there is a new video game comin out soon that you use a real guitar to play it, and did i mention the great price? 59.99, i still cant believe the price, mind you its used and beat up and stuff and has issues, but so do this thing is less beat up and less issues than me, so we were meant for each this is like my soulmate of the red splotch you see is just a pick i taped there so i always have a pick and won't lose it... I also got a Forever Lazy last nite.. for those of you unfamiliar with that, its like a onesy for adults... has a back door zipper and everything... and i got it in blue, so i look like the cookie monster or a giant blue baby... sexy baby i might got this sexy guitar, my sexy new outfit... Annes gonna have some competition in the sexy dept over here... hubba hubba, i cant keep my hands off be back later with a pic of me in my blue baby pajamas... Anne has to take it, but she also has to be able to stop laughing long enough to snap the picture... she was literally laughing for like an hour last wait til you guys see it, and you'll know what i'm talkin about... you guys can't handle all this sexy, thats the

Monday, October 10, 2011

Made some changes

Be sure to check out my video bar off to the right, loaded it up with hilarious vids by one of my favorite bands Steel Panther.... these guys seriously kick ass and write some funny shit while sounding like real 80's and here is a favorite pic of Jinkers when i started this blog... the joke was the old one..."every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten", so i just did my version of

Jinx tummy rub

Here she is again, for halloween... so adorable, hard to believe this cat accidentally almost tore off my nose once, sliced clean thru a nostril and claw sunk deep into my septum.. she got spooked when i picked her up snuggled... i guess never snuggle with a cat who has wolverine like we dont believe in declawing cuz thats inhumane, its like cutting off the top part of a humans finger at the knuckle.. but i lost like a gallon of blood that nite, and Anne was urging me to got the hospital cuz i felt the right nostril cut clean thru... so i stopped the bleeding best i could by making a paste from blood and triple antibiotic ointment and glued my nose back together... was a little off so if you look really close you can see a lins and limp where i didnt match it but scars add character.. i have enough of those....

Jinx bright eyes

Here is our beautiful black cat Jinkers, Jinx, Jinkums, she answers to like 20 but had to post this and will post others for october and halloween, she's a Halloween cat, cuz as you can see from my other posts, every day is halloween here, i never put that shit away, all my punkins, skulls and stuff, stays up year round... thats how i roll....

My punkin patch

Not many single bedroom apts have their own punkin patches, but mine does, and its looked over by Buffy, so don't get any silly just put the tombstone and some other little things in there recently to add to the flavor, i know, i need and yes, that is my scarf, very similar to the one in that cartoon, despicable me.. that fucker is 18 feet of scarf... made it myself, you can't handle that much scarf, but i sure as hell can...

My toy shelves

Here are 2 shelves of my collection, more all over the apartment, but in here are some of my favorite and rarest pieces, i'll leave it to you to click on the pic, zoom in and find all the hidden characters and shit... the mickey mouse watch in the far left corner was mine as a kid, mint condition in case, new on amazon, they want 350 bucks, so i dont even know how much an antique one all kind of stuff like a thunder cats sword of omens, hard to spot and pretty new addition... mint condition star hawk there too... all the battle of the planets series 1 figures... and all the macfarlane sets like twisted christmas and land of oz when they used to make cool sets like that, now they just make halo figures and sports dolls... i dont mind the halos tho, i have them all over the and thats my live katana, hand made, i really oil it like every few weeks, its a real functioning cut a zombie in half, razor sharp can slice thru a sticky note sumbitch, love that well knock yourselves out and see what you can find

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Entertainment setup....

Here is what a real gamer/loser/eclectic-weirdo/'s living room looks like... another reason i say Anne is a saint because she doesnt mind my decorating i saw a pic of this amazing looking minimalist living room this morning, and thats what i know Anne wishes ours looked like, and thats what inspired me to take this, its hi res, so the fun here is to zoom in and see the weird details, like the dreamcast, the 3DO, the planetarium collection, the telescope, the gargoyle collection, etc etc, it goes on and on and on the weird stuff i have here... the home theater setup i have are the sony tower speakers on the sides, and then a center channel and 2 pyramid speakers you cant see, but this to me was the best setup they made before they went to the small tiny speaker setups on the poles, i hated those, so i had to track this setup down till i found it... each speaker has a subwoofer built into its base, which accounts for how heavy each tower is, crazy and XBOX360 is my current console of choice for all my gaming, and on retro nites i play some PS2, dreamcast and 3DO, which are really great fun systems, and i have nice libraries for all of them... huge gaming nerd besides all my other hobbies... gamertag is fundead for anyone who is on their and would like to add me as a friend, that would be cool... so off now to play some games.. have fun exploring that pic and lemme know anything cool you find that struck a chord with any of you out

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Cat Books

Here is a pic i took for Anne tonight, figured i'd post it here to show that we're crazy cat people and we only have 1 cat... That's all it takes really, considering we were plain crazy in the first place... all we're doin is puttin another word we associate with and BLAM, another way to describe Under the pile you can see the latest issue of Cat Fancy, which is basically porn to cat people... Just subscribed to it today for Anne since its like 5 bucks at petsmart, and like 13 for the year when you subscribe, so had to do that... and it's even got centerfolds... hubba hubba...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where the magic happens

This is it folks, this is where the magic happens and i sit in my pain and write these 2 crappy blogs, insights into my wonderfully pathetic ah, it aint that bad, i got Anne and Jinkers and all this wonderful tech and toys, so i make the best of what i've got... you can only see the mouse on the left, but farther left off screen is my laptop which i use like a desktop, then there is another 19 inch monitor next to that for an as of yet broken no rush to fix it cuz i have my mac here and my PC needs are taken care of with the laptop, which is a pretty good laptop, even for gaming, has a decent video card in it, so its pretty always, if you're bored, click on the pic for a bigger version so you can zoom in and marvel at some of the tiny details of my life like my Marvel Squinkies, my little Baby Jeebus, and he's holding my mom's wedding band, which she passed on to me when she passed around 9 years ago... But yeah, theres alot to see in this pic, and this is only like 1 tenth of the clutter and chaos of the rest of the but its cool clutter, cuz its cool rare shit you're never gonna see anywhere else in the boring outside world... i tell evryone, if i'm gonna be a hermit, i'm gonna surround myself with all the coolest toys and shit i can get my grubby little mitts this place is like a bizzarre little museum of oddities and treasures, and i love it, so feel free to explore it with me as i make more posts and pics of the place and all of its nifty little