Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Love Fine... great website for shirts

I discovered this site one night while watching Attack of the Show on G4 on cable... The site is called, and they specialize in really cool art versions as t-shirt prints... and that night on AOTS they gave a promotional code for like 15% off your order, which is what prompted me to check it out and make an order.. I got 2 art-nouveau versions of Rogue and Mystique from the X-Men, done like Alphonse Mucha, not sure if i spelled that would do them, in the art nouveau style which i love... and i got Anne a My little Pony shirt done in the same art style... the shirts came today and they are great quality prints on really soft shirts, and as a gift they gave us this Hello Kitty laundry bag!... this thing is killer and its HUGE!!!!... thats what she can never resist that line, thank you Steve so definitely check these guys out if you want really cool geek wear, they have a HUGE selection in every genre imaginable done by really great artists... this site was definitely a great find we stumbled across, so check em out.... nothing scary today, but in the next couple of days i'll post a pic of myself in a new onesy... i love these things, they are so friggin comfortable... the new onesy is from Nightmare Before X-mas, and its Jack Skellingtons costume, black with white pinstripes, and it has a hood which is embroidered and its Jack's head with the evil smile!... so you've been warned, watch out for

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