Monday, October 3, 2011

My Entertainment setup....

Here is what a real gamer/loser/eclectic-weirdo/'s living room looks like... another reason i say Anne is a saint because she doesnt mind my decorating i saw a pic of this amazing looking minimalist living room this morning, and thats what i know Anne wishes ours looked like, and thats what inspired me to take this, its hi res, so the fun here is to zoom in and see the weird details, like the dreamcast, the 3DO, the planetarium collection, the telescope, the gargoyle collection, etc etc, it goes on and on and on the weird stuff i have here... the home theater setup i have are the sony tower speakers on the sides, and then a center channel and 2 pyramid speakers you cant see, but this to me was the best setup they made before they went to the small tiny speaker setups on the poles, i hated those, so i had to track this setup down till i found it... each speaker has a subwoofer built into its base, which accounts for how heavy each tower is, crazy and XBOX360 is my current console of choice for all my gaming, and on retro nites i play some PS2, dreamcast and 3DO, which are really great fun systems, and i have nice libraries for all of them... huge gaming nerd besides all my other hobbies... gamertag is fundead for anyone who is on their and would like to add me as a friend, that would be cool... so off now to play some games.. have fun exploring that pic and lemme know anything cool you find that struck a chord with any of you out

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