Monday, October 10, 2011

My toy shelves

Here are 2 shelves of my collection, more all over the apartment, but in here are some of my favorite and rarest pieces, i'll leave it to you to click on the pic, zoom in and find all the hidden characters and shit... the mickey mouse watch in the far left corner was mine as a kid, mint condition in case, new on amazon, they want 350 bucks, so i dont even know how much an antique one all kind of stuff like a thunder cats sword of omens, hard to spot and pretty new addition... mint condition star hawk there too... all the battle of the planets series 1 figures... and all the macfarlane sets like twisted christmas and land of oz when they used to make cool sets like that, now they just make halo figures and sports dolls... i dont mind the halos tho, i have them all over the and thats my live katana, hand made, i really oil it like every few weeks, its a real functioning cut a zombie in half, razor sharp can slice thru a sticky note sumbitch, love that well knock yourselves out and see what you can find

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