Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jinx figgum

Here is a close up of the Jinx figgum, by herself, not to be upstaged by sharing the same frame as my And i've coined my own word that i'll be using from now on to describe my little creations and toys... they're to be known as "figgums" from here on out... you heard it here first folks.. so when you here kids on the street, you know, the "cool kids", throwing around this vernacular, you'll know where it came from... cuz i know i havent been hangin around any mentally retarded folks that would've mangled the language in any way to come up with a word as goofy or clown shoes as the word "figgum"... see, that ones all mine, will be posting more pics and stuff as i make more stuff or come up with more pics or close ups, i'm bored so why the fuck

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