Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Blue Sexy Baby... Me

Here ya go, let the reign of terror start Don't know if the internet can handle this much sexy... not what it was built for... oh well, looks like i'm takin my Got this last nite after lookin for it for over a year, finally found it at Walmart.. Its called the Forever Lazy.... Anne calls it the Forever Alone.. cuz thats the state of anyone who wears this this She's understanding tho and present company excluded about being alone... she's takin one for the team and stayin with me, makin it This thing is so comfortable, and it even has a full back door zipper, so the whole back opens up, and you can back that shit up! oh and i will, i well good luck unseeing this picture, cuz some things you just can't unsee... lol... gonna take this big heapin package of sexy over to the couch and mangle some music on my new peace out

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