Monday, October 17, 2011

My new baby, a BC Rich Warlock...

Here is my new baby, a BC Rich Warlock, bronze series, not sure what that means, maybe like low end introductory model or I just got it cuz of the deal i got on it, and there is a new video game comin out soon that you use a real guitar to play it, and did i mention the great price? 59.99, i still cant believe the price, mind you its used and beat up and stuff and has issues, but so do this thing is less beat up and less issues than me, so we were meant for each this is like my soulmate of the red splotch you see is just a pick i taped there so i always have a pick and won't lose it... I also got a Forever Lazy last nite.. for those of you unfamiliar with that, its like a onesy for adults... has a back door zipper and everything... and i got it in blue, so i look like the cookie monster or a giant blue baby... sexy baby i might got this sexy guitar, my sexy new outfit... Annes gonna have some competition in the sexy dept over here... hubba hubba, i cant keep my hands off be back later with a pic of me in my blue baby pajamas... Anne has to take it, but she also has to be able to stop laughing long enough to snap the picture... she was literally laughing for like an hour last wait til you guys see it, and you'll know what i'm talkin about... you guys can't handle all this sexy, thats the

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