Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato model

Here is a model i made when i was like 10 or 11 years old... Thought it was lost forever and the other day when i was goin thru my dads attic looking for an old boardgame, i stumbled across it... a few pieces were broken off and missing, so today i made them outta sculpey and replaced em... I must say i did a pretty good job on this, paint job and all, and the fact it was a Japanese model kit, with Japanese instructions, AND I WAS 10!...lol... so yeah, fond childhood memories come flooding back when i look at it... the little models around it were from the recent movie i just got off e-bay, which is an amazing movie, worth tracking down of you're a starblazers fan.. even if you're not, and just a fan of good sci-fi, it was an amazing film... i know i'm gonna watch it many times... i've already watched it like 3 times already, and the first time i watched it, it was without subtitles, just straight up Japanese, and i still loved it...lol... the movie is called "Space Battleship Yamato".. and make sure you get a DVD with English subtitles.. they're floatin around ebay for around 9 to 12 bucks, great price for such a great unknown movie... what are you waiting for?... get on ebay and buy one now!... This model kit is actually really rare and worth alot i think, but unassembled and not painted by a nerdy little 10 year old who was obsessed with Japanese anime...lol... oh that was such a kinder, gentler time...lol.. look what i'v become, scroll down a few posts of me in the Japanese domo onesy...lol... thats what happens, so parents, keep your kids away from Japanese cartoons... i should be a poster child for so many things...lol

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