Monday, March 12, 2012

Cosmo Dragoon and my pirate shirt

Here is my pride and joy, my Cosmo Dragoon and a t-shirt i just got of the insignia of the space pirates... i also made a dog tag outta sculpey which you saw in the last post too... it actually glows in the dark but yeah, i love this gun and the shirt... i've been wearing this shirt since i got it, washed it like 4 times already so i can keep wearing it, yeah i'm that

Cosmo Dragoon

Here is something i've been looking for for many years and i finally found it and won it on an ebay auction... the Cosmo Dragoon. Its been seen in featured in such anime classics as Captain Harlock and my personal childhood favorite, Galaxy Express 999... The gun was designed by Oyama Tochiro, and was later given to Tetsuro Hoshino on Titan, during Testuro's quest to kill the cyborg that killed his mother... and according to legend, the cosmo dragoon is the only weapon that can kill a machine man... God damn i am such a dork, i know all this shit by Anyhow, taito made 4 of these things, each one is numbered to who it belonged to... #1 is Oyama Tochiro's, #2 was Tetsuro Hoshino's, #3 Capatin Harlock, #4 Queen Emeralda's... And somehow i got the rarest of them all, a #1!!, just my friggin luck!... i thought i was gettin a 2 which i was happy with cuz its my favorite cartoon, well one of them But yeah, this thing is friggin awesome, really rare and almost impossible to get in the states... well, you cant actually, you have to get em imported, one of the reasons is no orange cap on the muzzle.. woohoo!!!! well soak it in, only die hard geeks and dorks can and will appreciate something like this, and i can't believe i finally own one....

The adorable

Here they are just as we all see them, huggable and adorable... the Klu Klux i had no where to go after blowing my load on a cute and adorable Hitler, until a friend gave me this idea, and WHAM!!!, magic was I keep doin this just to prove i can make even the most horrible and evil things and people cute and adorable, and here ya go, i did it

The Kill-Ray... Hand made ray gun

This is something i've been meaning to make, a steampunkish retro ray gun that actually the guts of this thing is an actual class 3 laser that is so bright that in the dark you can actually see the beam... its that bright... friggin i've made a few little changes since this collage was made, but these came out good and give you the idea, like the way the crystal lights up when you pull the trigger, and i made it so the beam isnt split by the crystal, you still get one super bright focal point. but basically lights up the room... only thing its missing is the PEW PEW PEW!!!!... maybe someday if i can find a way to add it without destroying what i have here, but if not, i'm happy with what you see here...

Been away awhile... I'm back!!!.. with a new toy

Sorry about the absence, just been lazy in posting new shit here, but i've been busy on facebook and playin xbox and making new fun shit outta sculpey which you'll see in later for now, lemme share with you a new toy i just got off of the interwebs from Japan... its my new favorite action figure for the time being, just can't stop touching it and playing with it... i know that sounds perverted and nasty, its one of the revoltech line, i think i posted a few of those here in the past, and this is one i've been looking to get for a long time, and i finally found one at a great price, and i'm beyond happy and thrilled with it... Its the revoltech #91, Trigun- Vash The Stampede... i have a few other Vash figures from other companies, and this is probly the best of the batch.. with i think 26 points of articulation and a little box filled with accessories, you get plenty of bang for the buck... Hopefully you'll get an idea of the countless number of poses you can get with this thing, but here i just show 12 poses... i had a blast playing with this thing makin this collage... i love playin with all my toys... i'm a collector but not the kind who keeps everything mint in the packages... i keep them mint but outta the package so i can do what they were made for... TO PLAY WITH, YOU JACKASSES!!!!...LOL... so yeah, hope you enjoy lookin at all the details in this pic, like the muzzle flashes from the revolver, an awesome touch added as a little attachment that i embellished in