Monday, March 12, 2012

Cosmo Dragoon

Here is something i've been looking for for many years and i finally found it and won it on an ebay auction... the Cosmo Dragoon. Its been seen in featured in such anime classics as Captain Harlock and my personal childhood favorite, Galaxy Express 999... The gun was designed by Oyama Tochiro, and was later given to Tetsuro Hoshino on Titan, during Testuro's quest to kill the cyborg that killed his mother... and according to legend, the cosmo dragoon is the only weapon that can kill a machine man... God damn i am such a dork, i know all this shit by Anyhow, taito made 4 of these things, each one is numbered to who it belonged to... #1 is Oyama Tochiro's, #2 was Tetsuro Hoshino's, #3 Capatin Harlock, #4 Queen Emeralda's... And somehow i got the rarest of them all, a #1!!, just my friggin luck!... i thought i was gettin a 2 which i was happy with cuz its my favorite cartoon, well one of them But yeah, this thing is friggin awesome, really rare and almost impossible to get in the states... well, you cant actually, you have to get em imported, one of the reasons is no orange cap on the muzzle.. woohoo!!!! well soak it in, only die hard geeks and dorks can and will appreciate something like this, and i can't believe i finally own one....

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