Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cthulhu in space... had to be done...

Here it is, yup i had to do it... an expansion pac for my game based on the Cthulhu mythos which i'm obsessed with...lol... gonna be awesome just like all the other pacs and the game itself, and will offer solo play too... Game is coming along nicely as tonight i just scrapped like 4 days of work on the gameboard and started from scratch for a cleaner deep space look... will post some pics of the ships and stuff soon too...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

StarShips expansion packs

Back again in between playing lotsa Duke Nukem and child of Eden...lol... Still hard at work on the boardgame, and whats a game without expansion packs?..lol.. So here are 4 that i already worked out and am makin the new parts and accessories for, the rules are already implemented in the game... Only thing left now is the gameboard and the cards, which are gonna be the biggest hurdles to finish.. oh and the ship player sheets which are made of foam and where you set up your moves per turn and all your ships stats.. this is gonna be cool, just gotta finish it...lol

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jinx playing with Bumblebee

When i was takin the Bumblebee pic, i had it on Jinx's favorite piece of furniture where she sits when i play video games and watches me, her black ottoman...lol... You can't see in this still pic but the funniest part is that her little paw is tapping at the toy so fast, but the Nikon caught it without even a blur..lol.. This is the most curious cat on the planet, and anything new to her needs to be pawed at, chewed and investigated...lol.. But i managed to get the pics before she got her mouth and teeth into it, and she is adorable and photogenic as ever...lol

Bumblebee action figure

Got this the other day, finally, after looking for it at a ton of different ToysRus's, Targets and any other store i could think of that sells toys... I finally broke down and picked it up at the first place i saw it, and they only had 1 left, and that was like a month ago... then after realizing how rare this one model is and NO ONE stocks it in stores, i went back to the one Target where i saw it, and the 1 was still there, and that was a sign from baby Jeezus that it was meant for ME....lol... This thing is awesome... has a ton of sound effects and lights, and actually isnt that tough to get it back into its car shape..lol... unlike the smaller version which i also have and i've yet to get it into car shape after countless hours of messing with it...lol... this one, bam, no problem, had it in car form in like 10 minutes... But this thing is sweet, and the fact its so rare makes it even sweeter, thats why i had to have it...lol...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

StarShips logo revise

Back again, and really quick this time...lol... Did a revise to the logo based on a suggestion from my friend Jim, great idea for the cap S's... lovin this even more now... now i can get back to finishing making the game board and the cards since i finished makin the ships themselves and a couple of space stations and some asteroid clusters.. Can't wait to actually playtest this with my friends since i've been wanting to make a game like this for so long now... and i even have like 3 expansions figured out in my head head for a space race mode, space exploration and side quests for the ship captains.. gonna be a blast, just wish i had an idea on how to sell this concept to a game company, so if anyone has any tips on that, leave em in the comments, would really appreciate it....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Made a new board game... heres the logo

Been awhile since my last post, sorry bout that, been busy with a ton of shit, one being a boardgame i always wanted to play.. so i finally made it... 2 of my favorite games as a kid were starfleet battles, a pen and paper tactical star trek game, and broadsides and boarding parties, ship to ship combat with pirate ships... so i took the best qualities of both games, made it really easy and accessible for geeks and non geeks, and voila, bam, here ya go... and even has a spiffy logo to go with it.. i love makin logos...lol... finished makin the ships outta sculpey today, now i just have to finish makin the board and the playing cards used for ship combat and movement, but i have all the pieces and supplies ready to go.. will keep ya posted on the progress here...