Monday, June 13, 2011

Bumblebee action figure

Got this the other day, finally, after looking for it at a ton of different ToysRus's, Targets and any other store i could think of that sells toys... I finally broke down and picked it up at the first place i saw it, and they only had 1 left, and that was like a month ago... then after realizing how rare this one model is and NO ONE stocks it in stores, i went back to the one Target where i saw it, and the 1 was still there, and that was a sign from baby Jeezus that it was meant for This thing is awesome... has a ton of sound effects and lights, and actually isnt that tough to get it back into its car unlike the smaller version which i also have and i've yet to get it into car shape after countless hours of messing with this one, bam, no problem, had it in car form in like 10 minutes... But this thing is sweet, and the fact its so rare makes it even sweeter, thats why i had to have

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