Saturday, June 11, 2011

Made a new board game... heres the logo

Been awhile since my last post, sorry bout that, been busy with a ton of shit, one being a boardgame i always wanted to play.. so i finally made it... 2 of my favorite games as a kid were starfleet battles, a pen and paper tactical star trek game, and broadsides and boarding parties, ship to ship combat with pirate ships... so i took the best qualities of both games, made it really easy and accessible for geeks and non geeks, and voila, bam, here ya go... and even has a spiffy logo to go with it.. i love makin finished makin the ships outta sculpey today, now i just have to finish makin the board and the playing cards used for ship combat and movement, but i have all the pieces and supplies ready to go.. will keep ya posted on the progress here...

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