Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jinx plotting something diabolical

Havent posted a Jinx pic in some time, so here ya go... I heard a rustling before so i got out the camera and sure enough, Jinkers was up to no good and she was digging into the bags on this table we use as a wet bar and one of the places i keep my CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ.... mmmmm nummm nummmm mmmmmmm, but once she knew that she was being observed, she stopped digging and put on this straight innocent Love this friggin cat, she is one of a kind fo

DVD collection guarded by Halo soldiers

Here is a color pic of the DVD shelves that is just a portion of Annes DVD collection of live metal shows and cheez Also in there is Bob, my homage to the Dresden series of books and shorts stories by Jim Butcher... anyone familiar with the books will know who Bob is, and this is my You cant tell from the pic but he lights up, i have a puck light under him and then i also coated the inside of him in glow paint so when the light is off he still glows... what can i say, i'm a weirdo, oh well... eccentric sounds And like all of my pics on this blog, they're pretty high res, so click on them and they blow up really big so you can see all the details nice... in this case, you can the titles in her DVD collection... She has some really rare stuff too, some European acts and live shows that are just awesome... and you can see some of my retro Playstation and Dreamcast games that i actually still So all this music and gaming goodness needs protection, 2 of my Halo soldiers, the red in my current configuration that i'm playing now in multiplayer, and the other in the steel colors... both have jetpacs which is my favorite and the only loadout i use in the game...So yeah, click on thepic and zoom in and see some of the cool shit we have on DVD and the old games... on the other side of the apartment she has the rest of her collection cuz its in alphabetical order, and i have some of my own rare DVDs stuck on some other shelves cuz we ran out of shelving real estate because i have too much shit and collectibles... but in my eyes, there is no such thing as "too much"... when it involves cool awesome shit in that case i have WAY too much... much thankfully i have Anne and she adds to my collections of cool

Friday, August 12, 2011

Homestar EXTRA... I LOVE this thing

Been on a kick with all my collections lately, and here is the prize piece of my planetarium collection, and yes i have a collection of planetariums, 5 or 6, then i have like 6 discs that go into these homestar planetariums, so that makes a pretty cool collection if you're a science geek like myself or Anne... Yup another thing her and I have in common, a love of science, astronomy, physics, all things in a broad spectrum of so she tolerates the clutter in the apartment of things like this, the Homestar EXTRA... I forget the exact number of stars compared to the regular homestar, but considering its like over 15 times brighter than that model, which i also own, told ya it was a This model was made for Japanese clubs and schools... it works in low light situations, doesnt have to be total darkness like the original homestar which is 1 watt.. this one is 16 watts... also comes with a remote that lets you punch in any date and it will show you the night sky for that date and year... when i discovered this online, i pined over it a couple years and made due with the first homestar which still is a good unit, but when i finally got this one and it arrived at my doorstep, i could barely contain myself and had a nerdgasm the first night i set it up and got it running... i tried getting some pics but none of em came out that great or do it justice, you just gotta see it, its pretty friggin amazing, the first thing everyone says is.... you dont even have to be a geek to be wowed by it... even our cat is mesmerized by it when we have it its a Japanese import and the prices vary from expensive to out of your mind expensive, but like the first Homestar when i got it, i found a really good deal online, so i had to get it, and its still one of my best impulse buys ever... lol... this is so far the highest end mass market home planetarium available, so if you ever get the chance to buy one at a good price, or can even find one cuz they're kinda rare and overpriced as is, scoop it up, you won't be sorry.... i've used this thing alot and i'm still wowed by it the first time i fire it up after not using it for come to think of it, i think i'll sit under it tonight for an hour or so, whenever i use it, i feel like a little kid at X-mas, i'm pretty goofy like

Halo soldier on duty

Got 2 of my collections represented here in this lovely little pic... A halo figure decked out in the current configuration of weapons and armor and colors that matches what i'm currently playing in Halo Reach... same colors and all... i know i'm corny as hell, but just another of the many distractions i have to make my weird boring life more interesting and tolerable.. Anne finds it adorable, she is the most amazing and wonderful and accepting person on the planet, just to be able to be around me 24/7, i can't give her enough Love her so much...she is the best thing that ever and will ever happen to me... even winning the lottery can't even come close, and i tell her all the time that the odds of meeting someone like her are greater than any 100 million dollar i'll take one of those tickets tho anyway baby Jeezus if you're I'm grateful for Anne and all, but can't blame me for bein greedy, its the american did a little artistic tinkering with the pic, hope you guys like it...

My favorite skull

Another of my collections, and i'm discovering i have lemme see, nerf guns, music, gargoyles, action figures, board games, planetariums, and a sample here from my skull collection... and its probly my favorite out of all of them... it just has a creepy spooky evil vibe to it... so i played around here adding mood to the pic in photoshop, hopefully i did it lost count of how many skulls i have, but i took a few pics today so you'll be seeing more of them in upcoming trying to update this blog more often to accompany my other blog that this blog is linked to... and i actually have regular visitors to both, which i find awesome and i'm grateful to all the nice people who find my ramblings and my stupid shit and hobbies and collections and art thanx again to all you wonderful bored people out boredom would be the only thing i can think of that would make me seem interesting and a reason to visit both blogs... sorry for the bad grammar, tired after a morning of flailing playing kinect fruit ninja, and boy are my arms tired... sounds like a punchline, but nope, that game kicks the shit outta my sorry outta shape ass... but its fun as hell... if you have a kinect and an xbox, you gotta get it... i gave it a great review on my other

Monday, August 8, 2011

My own little R2D2

Here we have another of my prized star wars collectibles, a fully functioning scaled down R2 unit... does everything, rolls around, plays games, voice activated, tons of voice commands and hidden tricks he can do, one of the coolest toys in my collection... Not sure if these are still in production cuz i know sharper image was selling them right before they went belly but i got mine a long time ago from toys r us... they were only available there for a short time, so i'm glad i scooped him up when i did... yesterday i was at Target and i saw a hasbro force FX light saber plastic version, but with the one piece LED scaling up and down blade like the expensive ones, does all the same sound effects, and it was like 30 bucks, so i had to grab now that sits right next to the trusty little R2 unit on the floor next to my RC WALL-E... will post a pic of that some other time, i got too many cool damn

Force FX lightsabers... the good ones

Apologize again for being away for so long, caught up in the usual bizzy shit and medical woes, and lots of gaming and music and my usual and for new visitors here be sure to go to the bottom and hit older posts, cuz i have pages and pages of cool old shit like art samples, more pics of my toy collections, cat pics, all kinds of stupid Todays pic is of one of my prized pieces of all my star wars shit, my 3 force FX lightsabers from Masterreplicas... these are the first and original ones the company put out many years ago, i'm bad with ages and times and shit, lol... Just that these were allegedly made with parts from lucasfilm that they used in the original movies... they didnt say what parts, just weird shit like screws and knobs and random pieces... and they're like a third bigger than the current ones you see now in stores, they're the mass produced ones that are a third smaller now and the new ones use 3 AA batteries... my little babies take 6AAs, so that with the size difference give them quite a heft in your hand as opposed to the new ones... these feel like what i'm sure a real saber woulda felt and they're in mint condition like most of my shit, and the pics just don't do em justice... i love these comin soon i'll put up a pic of my R2 unit that is pretty friggin awesome, voice activated, all the sound effects and lights and he rolls around like the real so keep comin back, i'll try to be better at updating it and posting fun new shit... and i link this site to my XBOX360 after dark blog, so if you're here from there, thanx again for reading both these, i appreciate the readership for both... hopefully someday i'll be rich and famous and you can say you were there from the i mean i do have my little limited brushes with greatness for stuff i did a long time ago like creating all the graphic elements and wallpapers and everything for a little yogurt store in NYC called Eskimix, samples of that are here in older posts, I was the original artist that did a big T-shirt line years ago called Butt-naked that a made alot of people a lot of money except me of course, the story of my I did the logo for Symphony X that they still use today, love those guys, and alot more that i'm too lazy right now to remember and write about, but my art is out and about there floating around in all kinds of forms, graphic design elements i did, other T-shirts i did for penneys and Kohls, again i can go and on, but my shit is so i'm famous in own little bloated self-hating ego, i be back soon