Monday, August 8, 2011

Force FX lightsabers... the good ones

Apologize again for being away for so long, caught up in the usual bizzy shit and medical woes, and lots of gaming and music and my usual and for new visitors here be sure to go to the bottom and hit older posts, cuz i have pages and pages of cool old shit like art samples, more pics of my toy collections, cat pics, all kinds of stupid Todays pic is of one of my prized pieces of all my star wars shit, my 3 force FX lightsabers from Masterreplicas... these are the first and original ones the company put out many years ago, i'm bad with ages and times and shit, lol... Just that these were allegedly made with parts from lucasfilm that they used in the original movies... they didnt say what parts, just weird shit like screws and knobs and random pieces... and they're like a third bigger than the current ones you see now in stores, they're the mass produced ones that are a third smaller now and the new ones use 3 AA batteries... my little babies take 6AAs, so that with the size difference give them quite a heft in your hand as opposed to the new ones... these feel like what i'm sure a real saber woulda felt and they're in mint condition like most of my shit, and the pics just don't do em justice... i love these comin soon i'll put up a pic of my R2 unit that is pretty friggin awesome, voice activated, all the sound effects and lights and he rolls around like the real so keep comin back, i'll try to be better at updating it and posting fun new shit... and i link this site to my XBOX360 after dark blog, so if you're here from there, thanx again for reading both these, i appreciate the readership for both... hopefully someday i'll be rich and famous and you can say you were there from the i mean i do have my little limited brushes with greatness for stuff i did a long time ago like creating all the graphic elements and wallpapers and everything for a little yogurt store in NYC called Eskimix, samples of that are here in older posts, I was the original artist that did a big T-shirt line years ago called Butt-naked that a made alot of people a lot of money except me of course, the story of my I did the logo for Symphony X that they still use today, love those guys, and alot more that i'm too lazy right now to remember and write about, but my art is out and about there floating around in all kinds of forms, graphic design elements i did, other T-shirts i did for penneys and Kohls, again i can go and on, but my shit is so i'm famous in own little bloated self-hating ego, i be back soon

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