Monday, August 8, 2011

My own little R2D2

Here we have another of my prized star wars collectibles, a fully functioning scaled down R2 unit... does everything, rolls around, plays games, voice activated, tons of voice commands and hidden tricks he can do, one of the coolest toys in my collection... Not sure if these are still in production cuz i know sharper image was selling them right before they went belly but i got mine a long time ago from toys r us... they were only available there for a short time, so i'm glad i scooped him up when i did... yesterday i was at Target and i saw a hasbro force FX light saber plastic version, but with the one piece LED scaling up and down blade like the expensive ones, does all the same sound effects, and it was like 30 bucks, so i had to grab now that sits right next to the trusty little R2 unit on the floor next to my RC WALL-E... will post a pic of that some other time, i got too many cool damn

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