Saturday, August 13, 2011

DVD collection guarded by Halo soldiers

Here is a color pic of the DVD shelves that is just a portion of Annes DVD collection of live metal shows and cheez Also in there is Bob, my homage to the Dresden series of books and shorts stories by Jim Butcher... anyone familiar with the books will know who Bob is, and this is my You cant tell from the pic but he lights up, i have a puck light under him and then i also coated the inside of him in glow paint so when the light is off he still glows... what can i say, i'm a weirdo, oh well... eccentric sounds And like all of my pics on this blog, they're pretty high res, so click on them and they blow up really big so you can see all the details nice... in this case, you can the titles in her DVD collection... She has some really rare stuff too, some European acts and live shows that are just awesome... and you can see some of my retro Playstation and Dreamcast games that i actually still So all this music and gaming goodness needs protection, 2 of my Halo soldiers, the red in my current configuration that i'm playing now in multiplayer, and the other in the steel colors... both have jetpacs which is my favorite and the only loadout i use in the game...So yeah, click on thepic and zoom in and see some of the cool shit we have on DVD and the old games... on the other side of the apartment she has the rest of her collection cuz its in alphabetical order, and i have some of my own rare DVDs stuck on some other shelves cuz we ran out of shelving real estate because i have too much shit and collectibles... but in my eyes, there is no such thing as "too much"... when it involves cool awesome shit in that case i have WAY too much... much thankfully i have Anne and she adds to my collections of cool

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