Friday, August 12, 2011

Homestar EXTRA... I LOVE this thing

Been on a kick with all my collections lately, and here is the prize piece of my planetarium collection, and yes i have a collection of planetariums, 5 or 6, then i have like 6 discs that go into these homestar planetariums, so that makes a pretty cool collection if you're a science geek like myself or Anne... Yup another thing her and I have in common, a love of science, astronomy, physics, all things in a broad spectrum of so she tolerates the clutter in the apartment of things like this, the Homestar EXTRA... I forget the exact number of stars compared to the regular homestar, but considering its like over 15 times brighter than that model, which i also own, told ya it was a This model was made for Japanese clubs and schools... it works in low light situations, doesnt have to be total darkness like the original homestar which is 1 watt.. this one is 16 watts... also comes with a remote that lets you punch in any date and it will show you the night sky for that date and year... when i discovered this online, i pined over it a couple years and made due with the first homestar which still is a good unit, but when i finally got this one and it arrived at my doorstep, i could barely contain myself and had a nerdgasm the first night i set it up and got it running... i tried getting some pics but none of em came out that great or do it justice, you just gotta see it, its pretty friggin amazing, the first thing everyone says is.... you dont even have to be a geek to be wowed by it... even our cat is mesmerized by it when we have it its a Japanese import and the prices vary from expensive to out of your mind expensive, but like the first Homestar when i got it, i found a really good deal online, so i had to get it, and its still one of my best impulse buys ever... lol... this is so far the highest end mass market home planetarium available, so if you ever get the chance to buy one at a good price, or can even find one cuz they're kinda rare and overpriced as is, scoop it up, you won't be sorry.... i've used this thing alot and i'm still wowed by it the first time i fire it up after not using it for come to think of it, i think i'll sit under it tonight for an hour or so, whenever i use it, i feel like a little kid at X-mas, i'm pretty goofy like

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