Friday, August 12, 2011

Halo soldier on duty

Got 2 of my collections represented here in this lovely little pic... A halo figure decked out in the current configuration of weapons and armor and colors that matches what i'm currently playing in Halo Reach... same colors and all... i know i'm corny as hell, but just another of the many distractions i have to make my weird boring life more interesting and tolerable.. Anne finds it adorable, she is the most amazing and wonderful and accepting person on the planet, just to be able to be around me 24/7, i can't give her enough Love her so much...she is the best thing that ever and will ever happen to me... even winning the lottery can't even come close, and i tell her all the time that the odds of meeting someone like her are greater than any 100 million dollar i'll take one of those tickets tho anyway baby Jeezus if you're I'm grateful for Anne and all, but can't blame me for bein greedy, its the american did a little artistic tinkering with the pic, hope you guys like it...

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