Friday, August 12, 2011

My favorite skull

Another of my collections, and i'm discovering i have lemme see, nerf guns, music, gargoyles, action figures, board games, planetariums, and a sample here from my skull collection... and its probly my favorite out of all of them... it just has a creepy spooky evil vibe to it... so i played around here adding mood to the pic in photoshop, hopefully i did it lost count of how many skulls i have, but i took a few pics today so you'll be seeing more of them in upcoming trying to update this blog more often to accompany my other blog that this blog is linked to... and i actually have regular visitors to both, which i find awesome and i'm grateful to all the nice people who find my ramblings and my stupid shit and hobbies and collections and art thanx again to all you wonderful bored people out boredom would be the only thing i can think of that would make me seem interesting and a reason to visit both blogs... sorry for the bad grammar, tired after a morning of flailing playing kinect fruit ninja, and boy are my arms tired... sounds like a punchline, but nope, that game kicks the shit outta my sorry outta shape ass... but its fun as hell... if you have a kinect and an xbox, you gotta get it... i gave it a great review on my other

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