Monday, December 12, 2011

Jinx toys... Ebil in plastic

Here ya go folks, what we've all been waiting for... drum roll pleez.... Jinx toys!!!!... The correct name for them would be Jinx Figgums... or inaction I had the brilliant idea of making one master head and then making poses as they popped into my head, so more poses ar on the This is a collage, rather than make 3 posts for each one... but they came out surprisingly well for the first batch and being prototypes and all... i couldnt be happier with them, considering i hate all my Wish there was some way i could market these or sell them or somehow make money off If anyone has any ideas lemme know, and i can make them for anyone who wants them too... I can market them as good luck pieces too, contrary to what people believe about bad luck being attached to black cats.. which is bullshit, cuz our 2 black cats, Mina, now Jinx, have brought us nothing but good luck and happiness... i may post more pics later with more poses, cuz these bodies with the head are actually poseable to a certain degree which is very cool too... So enjoy and soak in the EBIL... muah hah

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun Cute and Kuddly... bitches

Love this logo so much i made a buncha shirts that i gave out to friends and a few people, and hopefully will be busy with new art stuff, so yes this brand is still alive and kicking and ready to make some killer new and again... Fun Cute and Cuddly... ummm, Kuddly... FCC, then FCK cuz FCC was already taken... and it looks like FUCK... god i'm good, i got a million of

The many faces of Jinx the cat...

Here is just a mishmash of Jinx the cat cartoons that i just threw together in like 10 minutes for fun....

deadEnd graffixx... New project

Here is the logo of my new brainchild, a graphics brand and non-existant mini company, like FCK industries, which is like the father company in this anyways, confusion aside, this is my facebook page where people can reach me if they want band logos or anything art related... just look up that name in facebook, spelled just like this, "deadEnd graffixx", and BAMMM!!, you're on your way to gettin some kickass art Well, heres the logo for the project, cuz you guys know how i feel about This one was so easy it kinda happened in my sleep, and i like the smaller one too that would look nice on caps or mugs or stuff like that, i always have that shit in mind when i make a logo, so maybe i'll go to cafe press and get some of this shit made... i'm a sucker for my own

Jinx... Chronicles of an adorable disaster

This is a little cartoon project i'm workin on for fun... I find pics on the interwebs of disasters, tragedies, horrific snapshots, crashes, etc... and i put a little cat in there somewhere to hint that she coulda been the cause of the trouble... seemed like a fun, easy, almost too easy idea, but i figured why not, i'm bored and it'll be fun... lol.. plus i'm gonna make the Jinx character into little sculpey toys too... so if this takes off and i have fans of the project and whatnot, i'll be able to make you guys little toys to go with the cartoon... Well anyways, this is the title page and logo for the project... I love logos, can't get enough of Maybe i'll even do shirts and stuff too, who knows?... well, anyhoo, next time you see a horrible accident or tragedy, look around, there could be a little black cat slinking around that had absolutely nothing to do with it... Like Jinkers here in my apartment... i hear a crash or boom, and sure enough, theres the little creature, peekin around the mess i have to fix and clean

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lizzy Borden logo

Sorry, kinda let thhings slide here a bit... havent posted in awhile, but all is good, just been busy with a ton of other shit, and just kinda forgot to post on i'm a bad blogger i guess... been slaggin on my xbox blog too, but i'm gettin back on track with that one too... I made a new facebook artist page to try and get some work artwise, band logos or anything... actually dyin to do a band logo, just oozing with inspiration and shit, so i know it would kick my facebook page is DeadEnd Graffixx, so look that up and friend me... I found this logo the other day, i did this like a few years ago for a contest when the metal band Lizzy Borden was having a contest for a new logo design.. they didnt want to change it too much, just kinda revitalize it, and keep the same feel, just juice it up, and thats what i did... i think this one blows the old logo away, nd i think they didnt even go with a revtalized one... and who knows, maybe they never even got the ones i sent.. cuz i sent a few, this rusty one, one with a flag, and one shiny metal... but maybe they'll stumble across this blog, see the killer new version i did if they never got my submissions, and BAMMM!, they'll use it and i'll be giddy as a school anyways, i LOVE this logo, i have no idea how the band didnt dig it... oh wells, if anyone has any connections with the band, forward them here so they can see