Saturday, December 10, 2011

deadEnd graffixx... New project

Here is the logo of my new brainchild, a graphics brand and non-existant mini company, like FCK industries, which is like the father company in this anyways, confusion aside, this is my facebook page where people can reach me if they want band logos or anything art related... just look up that name in facebook, spelled just like this, "deadEnd graffixx", and BAMMM!!, you're on your way to gettin some kickass art Well, heres the logo for the project, cuz you guys know how i feel about This one was so easy it kinda happened in my sleep, and i like the smaller one too that would look nice on caps or mugs or stuff like that, i always have that shit in mind when i make a logo, so maybe i'll go to cafe press and get some of this shit made... i'm a sucker for my own

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