Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jinx... Chronicles of an adorable disaster

This is a little cartoon project i'm workin on for fun... I find pics on the interwebs of disasters, tragedies, horrific snapshots, crashes, etc... and i put a little cat in there somewhere to hint that she coulda been the cause of the trouble... seemed like a fun, easy, almost too easy idea, but i figured why not, i'm bored and it'll be fun... lol.. plus i'm gonna make the Jinx character into little sculpey toys too... so if this takes off and i have fans of the project and whatnot, i'll be able to make you guys little toys to go with the cartoon... Well anyways, this is the title page and logo for the project... I love logos, can't get enough of Maybe i'll even do shirts and stuff too, who knows?... well, anyhoo, next time you see a horrible accident or tragedy, look around, there could be a little black cat slinking around that had absolutely nothing to do with it... Like Jinkers here in my apartment... i hear a crash or boom, and sure enough, theres the little creature, peekin around the mess i have to fix and clean

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