Monday, December 12, 2011

Jinx toys... Ebil in plastic

Here ya go folks, what we've all been waiting for... drum roll pleez.... Jinx toys!!!!... The correct name for them would be Jinx Figgums... or inaction I had the brilliant idea of making one master head and then making poses as they popped into my head, so more poses ar on the This is a collage, rather than make 3 posts for each one... but they came out surprisingly well for the first batch and being prototypes and all... i couldnt be happier with them, considering i hate all my Wish there was some way i could market these or sell them or somehow make money off If anyone has any ideas lemme know, and i can make them for anyone who wants them too... I can market them as good luck pieces too, contrary to what people believe about bad luck being attached to black cats.. which is bullshit, cuz our 2 black cats, Mina, now Jinx, have brought us nothing but good luck and happiness... i may post more pics later with more poses, cuz these bodies with the head are actually poseable to a certain degree which is very cool too... So enjoy and soak in the EBIL... muah hah

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