Monday, August 30, 2010

Spooky Haunted House

Busted out the tripod so i could get a good shot of this in the dark, the way it was meant to be seen, so you could see the warm glow of the candles.... Oooooooohhhhhh Spoooooooooky house! This looks much better and spookier.... Not sure what to make for the setup next... Leave suggestions if you would, need ideas for new additions, like more ghosts, more pumpkins, bats maybe?... you decide and lemme know....

My Haunted House playset

Here is something i always did as a kid, which is make haunted houses and haunted house dioramas out of cardboard and various materials... The haunted house i found at Michaels art and craft store, and i modified it slightly and didnt put all the decals the way it was meant to be assembled outta the box... what i did instead was fit electric candles inside the house so its lit up at nite time, and i made all the outside pieces and the scenery outta my new favorite hobby, the shit is awesome, and i suck at it, but its so much fun even when your stuff comes out like shit its i made all the lil pumpkins, the ghosts, the 2 black cats to the left.. the cat on the right is a spongy mini toy i got awhile ago, but its the right scale so i put it in there... and right next to that cat, zoom in and see if that brings back any when i was small they had a weekly horror movie shown on channel 11 under the title of Chiller Theater, and this claymation swamp, with this claymation hand that comes out of the bloody lookin mucky swamp, with this creeeeeepy sound and warbling "CHIIIIILLLLLLEEEERRRR!!", as the hand came up and went back down... and the creepy detail was the hand had 6 fingers!!... AAACCCCKKKK!... Horrifying!!!... to a little messed up 7 year old anyways, and i loved it and it gave me nightmares... lol... so i made that hand and lil swamp for my little house setup... This thing is gonna be like my christmas tree, i'm gonna keep it up tho, but decorate it and treat it like a christmas decoration, but for Halloween, and like all my Halloween decorations, it'll stay up year

Jinx the Happy Cat!

Found this product the other nite while browsing around ToysRus the other nite, and this caught my eye for a few reasons.... One, Anne always calls Jinx HappyCat, and then when i looked at the box, down in the corner is a pic of a cat that looks uncannily like our Jinkers... So i had to get this, just for the box alone, and i set up the catnip plant too, so that wouldnt go to waste... So here is Jinkers getting a closer look at herself on the

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boardgame pieces

Here is a sneak peek at a top secret project i'm workin on for fun, for myself, eventually wanna sell the concept down the road, but for now, i'm just havin so much fun makin these little pieces... The project i'm workin on is a tabletop boardgame concept i came up with one nite when i couldnt sleep and my brain just exploded in a brainstorm of cool ideas for these characters and a game idea... was so inspired i had to get up and stayed up all nite into the wee hours sketching out the characters, made a logo for the game, the game rules... everything was done in my head almost instantly, was the coolest I eventually went to sleep at 7am that morning after i was satisfied getting all the ideas out on paper and on the computer... won't mention the name or the tagline for the game, cuz it's brilliant and i have to copyright it and but these are just the prototypes for the game pieces i made out of sculpey... I'm obsessed now with makin little nick nacks outta this shit cuz its so much fun and so easy to use... i burned these a bit learning how long to keep em in the oven, but overall i'm pretty happy the way they turned out as it's my first time sculpting with sculpey.. I also made a kickass pumpkin but i gave that to my sister and its not in the pic... but these are the playing pieces that are in the little world i created for the game... The black cat is Jinx, she inspired her own playing piece in the Jinx and the cats eye pieces were gonna be an "expansion pack", but i decided to make it a part of the master set, which i will have the only super-deluxe playable version of that i'll be playtesting with my friends in the coming weeks as i finish the rest of the pieces... will keep ya posted as i get more done....