Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boardgame pieces

Here is a sneak peek at a top secret project i'm workin on for fun, for myself, eventually wanna sell the concept down the road, but for now, i'm just havin so much fun makin these little pieces... The project i'm workin on is a tabletop boardgame concept i came up with one nite when i couldnt sleep and my brain just exploded in a brainstorm of cool ideas for these characters and a game idea... was so inspired i had to get up and stayed up all nite into the wee hours sketching out the characters, made a logo for the game, the game rules... everything was done in my head almost instantly, was the coolest I eventually went to sleep at 7am that morning after i was satisfied getting all the ideas out on paper and on the computer... won't mention the name or the tagline for the game, cuz it's brilliant and i have to copyright it and but these are just the prototypes for the game pieces i made out of sculpey... I'm obsessed now with makin little nick nacks outta this shit cuz its so much fun and so easy to use... i burned these a bit learning how long to keep em in the oven, but overall i'm pretty happy the way they turned out as it's my first time sculpting with sculpey.. I also made a kickass pumpkin but i gave that to my sister and its not in the pic... but these are the playing pieces that are in the little world i created for the game... The black cat is Jinx, she inspired her own playing piece in the Jinx and the cats eye pieces were gonna be an "expansion pack", but i decided to make it a part of the master set, which i will have the only super-deluxe playable version of that i'll be playtesting with my friends in the coming weeks as i finish the rest of the pieces... will keep ya posted as i get more done....

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