Monday, March 29, 2010

God kills sheep

There is a pic and joke on the internet that i discovered along time ago and loved... still love it and the joke is timeless... thats why i keep running it into the it was also my first exposure to the wonderful little creature known as Domokun... He's the brown monster with the mouthful of teeth... If you look him up on the internet you'll discover lots of fun sites and the show he is on in Japan... He's kind of like the Japanese version of Anyways, here is my pic and newest take on the premise of the joke... "every time you masturbate, God kills a sheep".... or in my case, like you see in the pic, a small

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My new Maxx figure... Loved this comic back in the day, was so friggin weird and the art style was awesome... and this thing is like 3 pounds of solid plastic... lol.. Dreading this weekend cuz i have to go to the wake of a friend who was killed last week in a motorcycle accident... so sad, still in a kinda shock that its not real... and on top of that i have to go struggling with health problems and the prospect of seeing fake asshole motherfuckers i used to work with who i thought were my friends, but behind my back, wanted to see me fired... people are fuckin lovely, so i'll just walk away from them and leave... i'm just a ball of sunshine ain't i?... since i can't say it there out of respect for my friend... eat shit douchebags, you know who you are, and if you try to be fake and say hi and be friendly, you'll definitely

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Hellboy

Back again, recently made a few really cool toy purchases, this one among them... Hellboy animated style... I love this version, and i picked it up at Kevin Smith's comic shop the Secret Stash in Red Bank, NJ... very cool place... I also picked up a Maxx action figure, which is REALLY hard to come by, a Hal Jordan green lantern, Wonder Woman, and A very cool Thor... took some photos tonight of the others but they didnt really come out that good, so gonna scrap em and try again tomorrow when i feel like bustin out the Nikon again... too late now, Check out this site too, I did most of the graphics and logo designs here, so buy some shirts so i can be commissioned to do more its peace out and hopefully will be back soon...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fuckin idiots

Hey all, back again, been slacking.... but been busy writing on my other blog regularly on xboxlive gaming, so i am alive on the internet in some don't have any cool or funny pics this time, just wanted to stop in and touch base, vent off a little steam from the bullshit thats been in the entertainment news lately... what is with all these people cheating in hollywood?... first Tiger singlehandedly bangs the free world, now we have this Jesse James dude cheating on Sandra Bullock with an "alleged" nazi... again, everything i write here is just my own opinion, all these are very wonderful people... lol... First off, anyone who cheats on a loved one is an asshole.. period... thats just it... never cheated, but been cheated on, and it really sucks... So Jesse James... i won't even get on the rant, i'll just say he's an idiot starting off with naming yourself Jesse James... Unless you're the singer in Jackyl, and then you're a very special chainsaw weilding drunk again, i'm just having fun here folks, nothing to see here tonight... just move

Monday, March 8, 2010

Iron Man 3

Hey all, I'm back... Been awhile, usual shit caught up in... medical, you name it, just lose track of everything and i hardly post anymore... This post is for my friend Justin... Today we both saw the Iron Man 2 trailer, and it was amazing, you gotta check it out... Then we got into a discussion if the Helmet would fit on an adult, and he insisted it would'nt... I insisted that it did... I already picked up the arc-light and some of the new figures last week cuz i collect stupid shit like this, and i saw the helmet, hence i had a feeling i could jam it on my head.. So after I got off the phone with him, I made a Walmart run, since we have one right behind our apt. complex, and sure enough, they had one.. one was a sign from Baby Jeebus, and omen, so i had to buy it, it was meant for ME... Got it home, assembled it, and with a slight modification, that is i took out the adjustable head strap in it.. It fits!... As you can see in the pic... Thats why I'm posting this as proof, Justin wanted a pic... here ya go buddy... I win!!... And im the proud owner of a wonderful Iron Man helmet... Thing is quite awesome... Eyes light up, it closes slow, like those old 80's cassette cool sound effects too... and the arc-light is cool as hell too... thats the heart tony stark has in chest that powers the armor.. lights up and makes cool ass sounds too... So now i'm gonna go and call the hospital and see if they can send paramedics over to see if they can cut it off my head... I keed, I keed, got it off just fine, and might even wear it tonight while i'm playing call of duty Catch ya later kiddies, i'll try to post more regularly, i promise.....