Sunday, January 15, 2012

Figgums out the ass

Hey there folks, been away for awhile, so now i'm gonna make up for it and make a ton of posts in the next few days... Originally planned to make a shitload of posts tonight, but i have company coming over to geek out and play video games all nite, so i'll post some now and then more tomorrow.... Been makin my figgums the past few days i made like 3... prior to this batch i made one as an actual order for a friend as a x-mas gift for his wife and i want to make these as a line and a business, so if anyone wants any, just leave me a message in comments... I can make anything from your pet to family members to famous people, anything... Just send me a pic if its your pet or relative, thats all i need to work from... they're done in the cutesy japanese chibi style which i love and it suits these things perfectly... I'll start off slow, then i'll be postin a bunch more of all the figgums i made in the past few days... This is my friends dog Rocky, a terrier, one of those little rat but he's adorable, and so is the figgum... i even made a logo for the figgums lines, you know me, i love me my

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