Monday, January 16, 2012


I don't know why i made this, besides the fact that it HAD to be done... I'm just that awesome... I know this is gonna be the hot toy next x-mas... It's chibi-Hitler!!!... I know i know, i'm not right in the head, but you gotta admit, i nailed this one outta the park, he's friggin and a little bit of irony, i had to put him in the oven to finish off the i posted this pic on facebook and already i have people that want one, so this may put my chibi business on the map... lol... i'll make em for anybody who wants one... 60 bucks... tho i know its hard to put a pricetag on pure joy and you could put these on your dashboard, just like the plastic Jesus's back in the 70' i'd like to see the look on the cops face if you got pulled we'll see how many friends i lose off facebook for

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