Friday, January 27, 2012

Revoltech action figures rule

Here is another figure from the Revoltech line, Freulein from sweet dreams i believe she is called, i just wanted her cuz she looked cool and and i love the fact that you can pose them in so many different ways... These figures for the amount of detail are actually quite small... not a complaint, just when i got the first one out of the box, i was like, DAYYYUM, this is pretty small! but size doesnt these are so cool, some of the coolest pieces in my collection.... but hope you guys like em, i'll eventually get to the other side of my apartment and collection and post all of my doctor who collection with the cool lighted tardis and all the companions, even told ya's i'm a hardcore nerd... hardcore gamer and hardcore nerd... but nerds are cool now... nerds are the new

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