Saturday, February 11, 2012

My new game idea... its LOGO TIME!!!

Yeah, i know i never finished the Starships game, its still in limbo, maybe someday will be done, but i was hit by inspiration for a new game in my other favorite genre, fantasy One of my favorite games as a kid was Dungeon, made by TSR hobbies at the time... they were the original company that made D&D... Dungeon was a super simple D&D style board game aimed at the the masses, the non RPG gamer, the "casual" board gamer if you will... the rules and combat were simple but it still had the dungeon crawl feel and flavor and was fast and easy to play and thats what made it so much fun... thats the feel i'm going for with this game... I love dice games like Yahtzee so i'm using that component for the monster combat... i won't give too much away but the whole game is done already in my head... so done in fact that in my brain i'm already on the advanced rules version and version i know, i'm strange, and of course, like starships, you need a cool logo, and i'm all over that... here ya go, without further adoo.... drumroll please, the logo for my new boardgame concept... "Advanced Adventure Quest 2.0" Excuse me now while i get to work on version 3 and a new logo for that i keed i keed... i'm going to hopefully finish the actual game this

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