Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Name, New Logo, of

Well, after makin a killer logo and lovin it, i find that a game called Adventure Quest already exists on the interwebs, its some low rent Korean MMO i think, no offense to anyone Korean or otherwise, i love your gaming culture and all that yadda Well, this morning i was dilligently hard at work on a new name and logo, and vwalla, I give you...... drumroll pleez.... "Advanced Ardent Quest"!!!!!... woohoo bitches!!!... spectacular.... Aint it??? yeah i'm a cheezdick and i love me makin some logos... thats more fun to me than makin the game which, by the way is coming along just swimmingly... i'd say its more than half done, so that makes me very happy and optimistic that this one will actually see the light of day and but i will keep you guys posted, so keep your eyes peeled and keep checkin this blog and my xbox live after dark too... i'm off to work on the game itself now, aww maybe get in a few rounds of some Haloes before i get to work... priorities of

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