Friday, January 20, 2012

Chibi-Elvis has left the building

Here is chibi-Elvis... i tried makin for me what is the only TRUE, coolest Elvis on the planet... FAT Elvis... fat Elvis ruled... all sweaty on stage, drugged out of his mind, forgettin the words to his own songs, makin up words and just makin noises to fill in where words would go.. that shit is on youtube, so do yourselves a favor and look that shit well, this is just elvis, cuz fat elvis didnt translate well into the chibi style... if i ever get inspired and a way pops into my brain like this shit does, i'll make the Fat Elvis... until then, here is just Elvis... if i can find little fake gems, i'm gonna bedazzle him, and maybe i'll even make a new one cuz i'm not 100% happy with this one, alot of little imperfections that shouldnt be there cuz i'm anal and a perfectionist on stupid shit and have OCD's and more issues than Rolling stone and National Geographic, but thats a whole nother story for another

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