Monday, January 16, 2012

Chibi overload

Here is a little shelf where i'm keepin the chibis for now... i think its missing Jeebus, cuz he was in the oven bakin at the time i took the pic, so he missed the photo I was callin for him too when i was takin the pic.. i was like "JEEEEEBUS, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YA, ITS PICTURE TIME!!!"... and he was like "calm the fuck down motherfucker, i'm in the motherfuckin oven motherfuckin cookin motherfucker".... so i just took the pic without him... He's Jeezus, he'll get over it... he's got Tebow buggin the shit out of him now, i'm the least of his problems... That Tebow must be a pain in HIS holy Niggah pleez, i think Jeezus has better things to do than watch lame ass Denver Bronco games, but oh well....

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