Monday, January 16, 2012

Cthulhu rules....

As promised, i'm back kiddies!! Gonna be makin a buncha posts today, so brace First up, a pic i took yesterday showing the whole collection of investigators in the Arkham Horror game series from fantasy flight games... This is the ENTIRE collection of minis. which are impossible to find in stores, so you gotta get em online... and trust me, they werent cheap, but i HAD TO HAVE EM ALL!!!! yeah i'm obsessive about my Cthulhu games, so the entire collection of the minis was a must have... And above and behind them is the big guy himself... Cthulhu... I made that thing myself from scratch outta sculpey.. posted pics here a long time ago when i first made it, so just go thru older posts at the bottom and go thru all my mindless posts and you'll eventually come across

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